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Commission for Beibdnn :DSuzie the Schlong dream sequence.

Hyper Futa Tumblr

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What the fuck I reblogged this a couple hours ago and they really do mean every single person no one skipped O.

Name: Zia
My age: 20
Nationality: Italian
Service for: I'm hetero
What is my sex: Woman
My figure features: My figure features is quite slender
Favourite drink: Red wine
I prefer to listen: I like rap
I like: Driving a car

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Hyper dickgirl

Toriel felt her stomach rumbling so much it was shaking the area around her. Now she was struggling to hold back her gas, feeling such a buildup in her that it could wipe away the whole underground.

Fortunately she managed, but not without constantly letting out building shaking slips every few seconds. There was a reason Toriel always wore robes. Her thick thighs and utterly monstrous behind was far too big for most pants.

These Hyper Sized jeans she bought were supposed to fit well but they were so tight it took her about ten minutes to pull them up halfway up her ass. After another ten minutes of struggling she did manage to put them on. Toriel popped the pill into her mouth and swallowed.

Her body grew and grew higher and higher, growing bigger than buildings, bigger than sky scrapers. Soon the once 12 ft tall milf was now so big she could crush the entire city with her foot alone. The Anon began to shift and morph, their body gaining a more feminine figure, white fur and small horns coming out of their head, along with a set of pretty normal sized tits.

The Anon has turned into Toriel for sure, but a much more tame and normal sized version. They began getting much taller, their chest filling out with two massive breasts, their hips getting wider and wider to support the giant asscheeks that were expanding on their backside.

Posts Go on, ask you goddess something.

Submit a post Archive. Anonymous asked: Hyper Futa or Hyper Male. Anonymous asked: Roll d20 to hold back enough gas to fill the underground.

Roll: Anonymous asked: Roll d20, try and put on some tight pants. Anonymous asked: How much to rent out a permanent stay inside that goat mama gut? Anonymous asked: Roll d20 for an experimental growth pill. Anonymous asked: Roll D20 to Become a clone of toriel.

Anonymous asked: Anon rolls d20 to gain Toriel's massive figure. Well I personally think it looks great on you. Anonymous asked: You got any lovers, Toriel? Just about anyone who is hot enough my dear Anon.

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