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Hunt for sylvanas where is tobias, I'm for where that sylvanas stilettos

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Hunt For Sylvanas Where Is Tobias

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Name: Dorthy
How old am I: I'm 48 years old
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Please be aware that this guide is currently based on Cataclysm beta, but it should be fairly accurate when the servers come online on 07 December. As you all know, Cataclysm beta has ended, so the guide remains as-is until the launch of Cataclysm. Thanks to Bitsemcoordinates for important locations and NPCs are now included in the guide through level 11 more coords to come soon [TM]. Your first few levels will take place in an instanced area, similar to the Death Knight starting area.

Get the quest [1] Lockdown! Go north and then west along the street to Lieutenant Walden Go back to Prince Liam Greymane Go a few steps south and get the quest [2] Salvage the Supplies from Gwen Armstead Continue south down the street and start killing Rampaging Worgens. They are all over the place fighting with the city guards.

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While killing look for Supply Crates near the buildings and collect them. Go back north to Gwen Armstead Further north go back to Prince Liam Greymane Get [3] Royal Orders. Go southeast across the Merchant Square, down some steps and through a bridge.

Turn in [3] Royal Orders to Gwen Armstead Accept the quest she offers you, which will guide you to your class trainer. The quest you get depends on your class:. Go south a few yards down the street, find your class trainer and turn in your quest. Get the follow up depending on your class:. Get [3] Safety in s from your class trainer. Get [4] Old Divisions from him. Go northwest towards the prison building Turn in [4] Old Divisions to Captain Broderick standing in front of the prison building Get the quest [3] The Prison Rooftop from him.

Go up the stairs behind Captain Broderick then continue along the walkway to the balcony. Get the quest [4] By the Skin of His Teeth from him. Worgen will attack you right after you accept the quest, keep killing them.

Get the follow up quest, [3] Brothers in Arms from him. Leave the balcony along the walkway, get down the stairs and go back southeast to King Genn Greymane Go southwest along the road and turn north on the corner to find a cellar door Click it and it will open, revealing a staircase. He will turn into a worgen and bite you. After that, Lorna Crowley Get the quest [5] From the Shadows from her. Go up the stairs out of the cellar. He will run away and reveal a Bloodfang Lurker.

Help your dog kill it. Repeat this process six times until you complete your quest.

Go back down the stairs to the cellar and turn in [5] From the Shadows to Lorna Crowley Get [5] Message to Greymane. Go up the stairs out of the cellar, turn left and go around the building. King Genn Greymane Turn in [5] Message to Greymane to him. A horse will spawn under you and start galloping on a scripted path along the streets with hostile worgen everywhere. When you click the ability the horse will take you back to the safe zone Get [4] Time to Regroup. Go west, then south along the streets then through a bridge west into the Greymane Court district.

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Get [5] Sacrifices from Lord Darius Crowley The horse will take you along a scripted path with worgens having fun on the streets all around. A green targeting circle will appear when you use it.

Target as many worgen as you can to get them to follow you. Repeat this until you round up 50 worgens. Turn in [5] Sacrifices to Tobias Mistmantle Get [5] Last Stand.

After you do that, you will be released and you will be able to move around once again. Get [5] In Need of Ingredients from him. After a short cinematic, get [5] Invasion from the Slain Watchman When you accept the quest, a Forsaken Assassin will attack you, so be ready! Go back to Duskhaven and turn in [5] Invasion at Gwen Armstead Get both quests he has:.

Go south down the hill and start killing Forsaken Invaders.


While killing them, also loot 4 Black Gunpowder Kegs you can find them under the sheds and the windmills downhill. Prince Liam Greymane will shoot the keg from afar and effectively blow up the abomination. Quite hilarious actually. Go back to Liam Greymane up the hill and turn in your quests:.

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Go back to the village and turn in [5] Holding Steady at Gwen Armstead Leave the village on the road leading west, get to the Allen Farmstead Get the quest [6] Save the Children! Go a little bit south to the neighboring Hammond Farmstead and talk to the three children, Cynthia From the house, go south towards the catapults stationed on the field.

Kill Forsaken Footsoldiers on your way. Get into the catapult and aim it on the deck of the ship closer to you to the south.


Pro tip: you can move around with the catapult to get closer to the ship for better aim. Get off the ship and kill the operator of another catapult, move into range of the other ship and launch yourself onto its deck.

Go down the stairs and kill Captain Morris Turn in [6] Save the Children! Get [6] Leader of the Pack from Lord Godfrey Go west along the road to the house on the shore. Dark Ranger Thyala Target her and use your Mastiff Whistle.

The dogs will tank her nicely, so you can kill her easily. Get [6] As the Land Shatters. Get out of the basement and turn in [6] As the Land Shatters. Get [7] Evacuation. Go back to Duskhaven and turn in [7] Evacuation to Gwen Armstead Get all her quests:. Go south to the Crowley Orchard.