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Many of us have woken up from a sexy dream, throbbing with excitement. Some of us are even luckier, and can climax from nipple stimulationor dry humping, or even intense genital-free makeouts. Sex worker, artist, sexologist, and world-famous sex legend Annie Sprinkle details seven types of female orgasm on her website, including some that happen without touch.

How To Orgasm Without Touching

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It is possible to make a girl orgasm without even touching her, but there is one condition that needs to be met.

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Orgasms are awesome.

I know, what a controversial statement. Waves of pleasure followed by a sense of relaxation and contentment is practically the definition of amazing. But have you ever wondered if it's possible to orgasm without sex?

As it turns out, there are also several unconventional ways you can achieve the big O, too. Orgasms, it seems, are just hiding out, waiting to be discovered practically everywhere you go. That's right, even some of the most innocuous activities — everything from hitting the gym, doing yoga, to taking an innocent little cat nap — are all opportunities for climaxing. Some of the unorthodox ways for us to come are definitely sexual in nature, but not all of them.

Here are some of the many surprising ways experts say you can orgasm, and learn how to orgasm without touching yourself and without sex. This occurs during the REM cycle where your mind is at its most active, and is perhaps the most unexpected example of how to orgasm without touching. If that is so, then why would we also not have intense sexual experiences that feel real, as well?

Need some inspiration to hit the gym today? What if I said you could experience a "coregasm"?

According to Dr. Some women including Lady Gaga report that they're able to think themselves to orgasm. Does that sound like a pipe dream?

Well, there is some science to back it up. Barry Komisaruk, co-author of The Science Of Orgasm, told the Daily Mail"The pleasure centers of the brain associated with orgasm light up in women who think themselves to orgasm in exactly the same way as in women who orgasm through more conventional means. If you want to help the process along, Jansen suggests squeezing your pelvic muscles rhythmically while breathing deeply.

Hypnotism isn’t the only way to have a hands-free orgasm

And here you thought orgasms were just for baby- making. So the idea that you might orgasm in a yoga class might not come as any big surprise. One of the objectives of yoga is to increase strength in the mula bandha, aka the muscles around the genitals.

If you practice yoga, you know you sometimes breathe deeply while doing the equivalent of kegel exercises. In addition to this, sexologist Dr. Jeffre TallTrees told The Daily Beast"When women engage their PC [pubococcygeus] muscles, the tissue around the g-spot swells, which can lead to climax.

Belly button-gasms are an actual thing. While belly button orgasms may sound outlandish, there is actual science to back this up, says Jean.

Even though they had no feeling in their vulva or vaginal area, when the vagus nerve was stimulated they had orgasms. This is due to the vagus nerve ending within the cervix, which is where that stimulation resulted. The vagus nerves runs from the back of our brain stem down our body and ends within the cervix. So, in other words, dreamgasms, coregasms, braingasms, birthgasms, yogasms, and even navelgasms exist.

You can orgasm while working out

Carlyle Jansenfounder and sex therapist, Good For Her. Barry Komisaruk, et al. This article was originally published on By Rachel Shatto. Updated: June 28, Originally Published: Oct. You Can Orgasm While Sleeping. Search Close.