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How to have a hfo, I am hfo up lady that loves How

Yes, you read correctly, we are talking about a hands-free orgasm: being able to come without touching yourself. Updated Feb.

How To Have A Hfo

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We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on thiswe may earn a small commission. Tantra expert and certified sexologist Barbara Carrellas made an MP3 you can buy that teaches you how to do it. But, she says — and this is important! For those with a vagina, just be sure to avoid spraying water directly into your vagina to avoid messing up your pH. Another option: Attach the Waterslyde water diverter shop here to the faucet then lounge, legs-spread under the stream.

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Register. Board index General. Post Reply. The rest of us mere mortals need to learn how to get there. If you have been unable to achieve HFO it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you, just that you have not yet found the right combination of factors to make it happen.

So here are a few tips and some advice for males, offered to inspire those who may be struggling to reach that elusive HFO For a start you want a good, made-for-play stim box that offers power and flexibility. When we stim we are fooling the innate, subconscious areas of our brain into believing we are having sex. Orgasm is an involuntary, psychosomatic reaction to the electro-stimulation applied.

HFO's are not automatic. They get easier to achieve with experience until they become as natural as conventional masturbation, which suggests the key to HFO is relaxation, surrender and understanding your own sexuality. Don't chase after an HFOjust wait until orgasm comes to you. Don't think about it, just allow it happen in its own time. Above all never consider a session that does not end in orgasm as a 'failure'.

Keep experimenting and it will work for you, often when you least expect it. Think of conventional sex. It starts with ' foreplay ', moves on to sexual intercourse culminating with orgasm then finishes with ' afterplay ', messing around post coitus.

Start with a nice, gentle routine or audio stimfile to ease you in, harden you up and get you in the mood. This 'stim-foreplay' should last for mins during which your cock will become gently acclimatized to the sensations as you gradually increase the power level. After that you will be ready to move on to stronger, more demanding stimfiles or high-powered routines. Enjoy them, surrender yourself to them, allow them to do their work. Afterwards you can wind down for several minutes with a gentle file or tone 'afterplay'.

Sit or lie comfortably.

Hands free orgasm: the step by step guide

You should be alert and not too tired but also completely relaxed. Make sure your bladder is empty before you begin. Dim the lights and remove all distractionsmaybe including a computer screen. If you normally watch porn try stimming without it.

Make sure you won't be interrupted and that the room is warm. Close your eyes, think nothing but erotic thoughts and let your mind do the rest. Experiment, experiment, experiment!

You learn how to get there Don't chase after an HFO, allow it to come to you Follow the same pattern as conventional sex during your stim session Fully relax and remove all distractions. Distractions are the enemy of the male orgasm Focus on the sensations, not your stimming equipment Think dirty! Last edited by Stimaddict on Sat Sep 25, pm, edited 5 times in total. It sounds so perfect! When we play my partner will use the 2b to force an spontaneous ejaculation, amazingly painful and pleasurable and somehow a very weird experience.

Hypnotism isn’t the only way to have a hands-free orgasm

Then tried some of the milovana challenges and that worked. Yeah the key is to just let it happen, but that can take some time. Also need to saving up for a couple days helps as it does in general.

It was amazing! Contact joannesReviews. Website Facebook Twitter.

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