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How do you know if he came inside you, Fatties you know you inside to How

As you might have guessed from the title of this article, the internet is packed with people who want to know what it feels like for someone to cum inside them — at least, according to countless Reddit thre asking that very questionand cum-inside porn offering little help: What does it feel like for a penis to cum inside me? For your questions about pre-cum, read this ultimate guide. Commenter fascismforfun responds to the prompt, which again, asks what it feels like when a dude cums inside of you, by describing pleasantly heated goo:.

How Do You Know If He Came Inside You

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Maybe the condom broke, or you used the pull-out method and your partner wasn't able to withdraw in time. Regardless of why he came inside youthink carefully about your next steps. If you move quickly, you can access emergency contraceptives that can help reduce your risk of becoming pregnant. As stressed as you may be, try not to panic. If you want to prevent pregnancy after a birth control method fails, go to a pharmacy, medical center, or Planned Parenthood to get your hands on a morning-after pill ASAP. Plan B has been shown to be less effective with a higher BMI, but that does not mean that folks with a BMI above 25 don't have options.

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It would be extremely rare. Most men know this.

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As much as he may like you If he is trying to knock you up Make him wear a condom. It's kinky as hell though. Any reasonable guy will at least ask if you're on the pill. I take a while to come too. I rather not use condoms because then I just can't come or it takes hours.

I wouldn't be surprised if your boyfriend is similar.

Get on the pill if that's the case. Then you don't have to worry about it. The only opinion from guys was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion! Sexual Health. I'm not sure if he has been, but I'm not on birth control and usually tell him to not, but it seems like he's been trying to or maybe its just my imagination Share Facebook. How would I know if he came inside me? Add Opinion.

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There are not many men who would try to knock up an unwilling girl. Does come lead out of your vadg?

That's a good he's doing it. You should be able to tell if he's finishing inside you. If not inside you In a towel? On your body?

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You should be able to tell. It's a pretty common sense thing. Why does your profile say you're 30ish and you claim to be 20?

Are you a troll? Is this still revelant? Show All Show Less. Aries11w opinions shared on Sexual Health topic.

Xper 6. Like others have said, if he came you feel it when he pulls out or when you stand up! But on another note, don't continue to use the pullout method, that's s one way trip to unwanted pregnancy, heard of pre-cum? That can get you pregnant. Even if he was trying to get you pregnant your giving him control of your body by not being on birth control. Use condoms or take the pill, rod in arm, injection!

You can tell if the guy come in you. You would feel the warm liquid and also some would run down your legs.

Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. How do I know if he came inside me? Guys do you know if you came inside a female? Guys, Do you know when you came inside your partner? Related myTakes. It's difficult to be a feminist in the modern times. Believe all Women! What nearly all my very successful Christian friends do. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

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