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Horse fart story, I Horse hunt for story who wants fart

Some horses frequently pass gas while being ridden.

Horse Fart Story

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By worgeordieMarch 4, in Jokes - puzzles and riddles - make my day! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! Already have an ?

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General Rating. Download Submission. File type : Word Document. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Flatulent Discipline from a Horse. Shackled in a heavy stockade for his petty crimes, a mischievous cheetah is given a lesson in manners from a flatulent horse bent on vengeance. Shame, and here I thought I was being perfectly transparent.

Do you think that would suffice? The wit-oriented, normally charismatic feline could practically feel the eyes of amused passersby as they witnessed his abject humiliation at the hands, or backside, rather, of this domineering brute. Besides, he was becoming somewhat distracted by a slight pressure that was building up in his gut… What an excellent time to let the indignant little cheetah know exactly what Guimaus thought of him.

What do you plan to do? Stand there in one spot all day like a daft oaf? Get away from me you stupid horse! If you know what I mean. Or, at the very least, refrain from tempting them further by telling them what they would or would NOT do. Unfortunately, our feline friend was only given a few seconds to reflect on this wisdom before Guimaus let him have it.

Desperate to get out of this bizarre, painfully humiliating situation, the cheetah renewed his efforts to shake free of his bonds. The horse relished at this perfect revenge, as his victim was forced to watch and accept the inevitable. After what felt like minutes, but was really only a few seconds, the defenseless cheetah surrendered, and reed himself to being miserable for the next few minutes, deciding that his energy would be better used towards plotting his revenge. He simply wanted to force his victim to endure the most foul, repulsive odors his impressive body could produce.

I might even go easy on ya. Who knows? Do I even have to do another PSA for this one? Speaking of which. That last one was meant for latter.

After all, the little sneak DID deserve every bit of it, so, perhaps he would employ this particular punishment again, only if the culprit really deserved it, that is. Or really needed to be brought in line. Cierce, of course, was in a story of blind panic! Not necessarily of dying exactly, but the thought of suffocating to death because his face got a little too familiar with the tail end of a brutish oaf was hardly the way he ever intended to go!

Got it? Trust me; I will definitely be getting it the horse time we meet. It would be half an hour before the guards returned to their posts, and another fart on top of that before the mischievous feline was finally set loose, thankfully enough, before the domineering horse could subject him to further humiliation. Of course, that was the plan, anyway… So what do you guys think? I'd like some feedback on this one, partially because I'm so rusty and partially because I'm trying to get back into writing.

Was the pacing a bit slow?

I was trying to build up to the fun parts, seeing as I didn't want to use up the novelty of the situation too early. Did I spend too much time hinting at Cierce's misdemeanor, or too little? Was it obvious that they had exchanged words before the first dialogue of the story began? Not as in the cheetah's misdeed, I mean at the stockade before Guimaus stuck his butt in Cierce's face Thanks guys! And I added the story as the submission comment as well as giving the download for the actual file.

I don't know if everyone has the Microsoft Word program.

Idiot tantrum

Is that okay? Xiclear Anthro Artist link parent. Only thing I will say with the format is that you can have it horse out on here as well if you double space it on the actual file, its something Im not quite sure FA would ever fix! I rather enjoyed writting it myself! GDog Writer link. Awesome work! Very detailed and well told.

My only comment is to perhaps try to extend the vocabulary used, I saw a lot of the same words rotund, oaf, loathsome, etc. But overall, I really liked it. GDog Writer story parent. Thanks for letting him know! I have a bad habit of forgetting to reply firectly to other's posts xD.

Xiclear Anthro Artist link. Thats fart advice, thank you! I suppose I got a little too arratched to specific phrases I was using and was too quick to resort to them-I'll keep that in mind for the next scene I write I'm also glad to hear you enjoyed reading this story as much as I did writting it.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Life lessons from a flatulent horse

Sorry about that, I'm glad Zeph caught that, because I totally would have missed it! I really enjoyed your vocabulary, very varied!

Also liked the way you laid it out, I thought the timings were just right. And I think it's good to have the story in the comment too so you can just read it there and then. Hey, glad to hear I got a skunk's seal of approval on this, given the subject material! Gruntdude Art Whore link. Very nice, broham. Keep writing and build up that vocab. Hahah, will do.

Why is my horse gassy during exercise?

I'm glad you enjoyed it. PepperThePoochyena Mutt of Butts link. You're pretty damn good at writing. At dialogue, too. I only saw one error, and it was really just an extra letter in a word. No big deal.

As for the story itself You know how I like a good justified face-farting. Thanks Pepper! I'm glad you mentioned the dialogue, as I used to consider that one of the weaker elements in my writting; however, Guimaus seemed to take up a life of his own while I was working on him! The horse practically spoke for himself! Cierce was pretty fun too; however, he obviously didn't get as much of a chance to contribute along the lines of dialogue!

Yeah, and I decided that Guimauses trousers where to stay up on this one. I feel like it added to the general nonchalance I was going for in the horses casual distribution of his peculiar punishment, bizarre as it was!

I prefer it when the one issuing out a good bout of flatulent discipline is somewhat aloof about it. It wouldn't do to have Guimaus look like he was trying too hard, that would conflict with his character and kinda detract at least in my opinion from the fun. Of course, this isn't a blanket decision! I do enjoy a nice bare-bottomed gassy assault, I just want to make sure the situation is ripe for such a thing. As with my pacing, I don't want to be too quick to resort to the more fun stuff, as I wouldn't want to detract from the novelty of the situation.