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High school tighty whities, Whities girl tighty school High flirts

Worn by prepubescent boys and men whose moms still buy their underwear for them. What nerds and geeks wear. It is a cool dudes duty to give a hanging wedgie to all tighty whitie wearers.

High School Tighty Whities

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I've only ever seen little kids wear them, and for the few times I've seen guys in them they looked like saggy diapers. That's very prejudiced. Briefs are so refined to their basic function it doesn't make sense to cast the vicissitudes of fashion onto their general appeal. They're timeless because they cannot be improved. I'm a guy currently in college and ever since I stopped having to change for gym in high school after freshmen year I have been wearing white briefs again.

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A synonym for briefs. They are underwear worn for there support purposes, antonym of boxers. The pros of tighty whities are support in gym class and hiding an erection.

Tighty whities - video

The disadvantages are that if you are pantsed then your penis will appear smaller, and that they might strangle your penis. Because of incidents in which prison inmates trousers started to fall down, many teenagers believe baggy pants are cool. Because of that, it became the cool thing to wear boxers instead of old fashioned tighty whities. Advice if you're going to High School and male. In order to make your life alot easier, wear boxer shorts.

See boxerspantsedwedgiemelvinmervinatomic wedgienerdloser. White briefs that are supposedly tighter than other briefs and are mainly for "little kids".

Many teenagers these days wear boxers or boxer-briefs instead of briefs or tighty whities because they think if they wear tighty whities they will be made fun of since they wore it when they were younger and it is supposedly for little. Why it's only for little kids and that every guy can't wear them, I'm not sure.

However, they do offer more comfort and can hide something that boys don't usually want seen. One kid in a class of 15 boys wears tighty whities. He goes to school and is seen wearing these. He is laughed at because many people think it's too babyish.

See tightywhitieswhitebriefsunderwear. What nerds like me wear.

They are good for support, and hold in that part of the body, but you are usually picked on for wearing them, i. See nerdlosergeekbriefsdork.

I have all types of tighty whities: i have whiteyellow, purple, litght blue, then i have bikinis: blue, yellow and red then i have speedos: blue, green, pink, red, gray, and black but i accidently bought small so my penis is being strangled and one time an old guy came up to me in the local locker room and said boy you need a bigger size you dont have a big one but i mean i buy my grandson bigger pairs then under his breath but he does have a bigger one.

See tightywhitiesspeedobikiniembarrassedwedgie. The simplest form of underwear available to men of all ages. Usually in the color white but briefs made for childen typically have colored des on them.

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They fight tightly over the male crotch region hence the name and act as a cradle for the testicles and keeps the penis nice and snug with them. Young men are usually ridiculed for wearing tighty whities because of the simple fact that younger boys wear them in childhood. For comfort, these are the way to go, but don't get caught wearing them! See underwearmenbriefsboxersboxer briefs.

A word commonly used by adolescent girls to describe boys briefs. It is often a condescending remark intended to make the wearer of this type of underwear feel insecure.

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Wearing this type of underwear is often the result of a humiliating incident at your school. Most teenage boys wear these but keep it a secret because they are afraid that people at school will give them wedgies even though people dont even give wedgies anymore with the exception of Jocks, who are the prime.

See briefswedgiepantsedjockscheerleaders.

It will help u if you have an erection, because your penis look smaller, but if they see u that u are wearing that, they are gonna give you an atomic wedgie, hanging wedgie, and all tipes of wedgies. Yesterday, in the bathroom of my school, I found a dollar in the floor. I went hold it, but a guy that was behind me, saw my ass and the resort of my tighty whities, He screams: A nerd with tighty whities!!!

First, cleared my clothes expet my tighty whitiesthey did me atomic wedgie, next they put my head in the W. Tighty Whities Edit Meaning. What is Tighty Whities?

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Tighty Whities are convenient and supportive" "So? Boxers are loosy-goosy and cooler!

See tightywhitieswhitebriefsunderwear 3. Stephen's all smart and wears tighty whities. I'm gonna go give him a wedgie. See nerdlosergeekbriefsdork 4. See tightywhitiesspeedobikiniembarrassedwedgie 5. Tighty whities fit great on me, but I prefer the awesome feel of boxer briefs!

See underwearmenbriefsboxersboxer briefs 6.

Most teenage boys wear these but keep it a secret because they are afraid that people at school will give them wedgies even though people dont even give wedgies anymore with the exception of Jocks, who are the prime my girlfriend always giggles when she sees me in my tighty whities. See briefswedgiepantsedjockscheerleaders 7. It is Yesterday, in the bathroom of my school, I found a dollar in the floor. See wedgiehanging wedgie. Random Word. Random Words:.

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It means 'thanks'. Guy:"Hey Maddy, your boobs have grown!

See t0nkz, thanks, thank, you, l. You have bewitched me, body and soul.

Tighty whities - what is it?

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