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Has anyone slept with their sister, Francais sister searching slept their Has

Does your toddler or preschooler have sleep issues -- does he refuse to go to bed, fuss about naps, crawl out of his bed and into yours, go to sleep too late or wake up too early? On June 8, Elizabeth Pantley ed us with advice for getting your child to go to bed, stay in bed, and sleep through the night.

Has Anyone Slept With Their Sister

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I am engaged to a man who is kind, caring and eager to adopt my two young children from a marriage. There is just one thing bugging me - his sister. Until the age of 15, they shared the same bed. They are obviously close, but at Christmas she gave him a variety of presents with messages that said: 'I love you.

My partner says this is not true. I hate to think it, but I can't help wondering if my partner has had an incestuous relationship.

Although she seems a rational human being, his sister says the most bizarre things and cries when my partner doesn't pay her enough attention. This complex situation is difficult to unravel on the basis of such a tiny piece of information.

The sister claims abuse by the father, which her brother denies. But how does he know?

It would be more rational to claim ignorance. A vehement negative may conceal doubts, or he may be echoing his parents' response. There may be such a condition as 'false memory syndrome' in women but I suspect it's a great deal rarer than 'false denial syndrome' in men. On the other hand, sibling incest is said to be very unusual. Very little research has been undertaken. There may usually be an age gap and a power gradient, with coercion of the female by the male rather than mutual consent.

The no-cry sleep solution for toddlers and preschoolers

This would not fit with the strong, affectionate ties between them. Sleeping arrangements in families may well be more varied than is commonly supposed. In some modern houses, with cupboard-sized bedrooms, ideal arrangements may not be possible. Also, there does exist an innate barrier whereby potential sexual attraction between siblings is downplayed, if not eliminated.

My feeling is that a sexual relationship between the brother and sister in the past is unlikely, but that there could have been parental abuse of the sister, which may for her abnormal behaviour. If I were you, I should try to gain her confidence and hear her full story. In view of the sensitivity, guilt, secrecy and denial involved in unnatural sex, you may never feel you are completely in possession of the truth. Faced with such an uphill task, you won't accomplish it without 'seeming mistrustful'.

He may be angry, hostile, hurt, but if he is a genuinely decent man, he will see that you have a right to answers.

People who have committed incest reveal why they slept with their siblingsā€¦ and how they felt afterwards

Don't try to be tactful. There's no way you can approach this topic in a subtle, inoffensive way. Without wishing to damage your relationship any further, I should point out that abusive behaviour by parents whether by inheritance or imitation is often repeated in the next generation.

Statistically, there is greater likelihood of abuse by a step-parent than by a natural parent. Your children are the most compelling reason for being per cent sure before you link up with this family.

I think you know what to believe and, understandably, it terrifies you. My advice would be to run for your life. Your lover fathered his sister's baby, not their father.

He is grooming you and your children for future sex. He has succeeded in infantilising his sister to the extent that she depends utterly on him. Get your children away and tell him any old rubbish. He'll know you've rumbled him anyway.

As for seeming distrustful, you've every right to. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could chuck him, having worked for social services with abused children. My son is I am divorced from his father but we are on reasonably friendly terms. Our son divides his time between us.

If my partner slept with his sister, should i dump him?

We have just heard from a teacher that it is rumoured he has been smoking marijuana and, more seriously, bringing the stuff into school. He is a bright boy who suddenly seems lacklustre and insecure.

We do not want to confront him without more evidence, but if the rumour is true, we are not sure how hard we should be on him. I am worried that our son is releasing stressful feelings about his divided life by smoking dope.

Views on next week's dilemma to reach us by Wednesday. Margaret Cook writes for Woman's Journal. The Observer.

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