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Guy transforms into girl, Guy seek girl that into transforms

A man wakes up in the body of his MMO character years after her defeat during an player-made event in the game, Exgate Online.

Guy Transforms Into Girl

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A character has undergone a complete physical sex change, usually through magic or Applied Phlebotinum. Depending on the medium, genre, and storyline, this may be a one-time temporary change, a recurring change causing the character to jump the gender line oftenor even permanent. Sometimes it's the same person, sometimes it's a man and woman sharing one body.

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Gender bending in actions or in fictions, is sometimes a form of social activism undertaken in response to assumptions or over-generalizations about genders. In fiction, the term gender bender may refer not only to characters modeled after real-life gender benders, but also to characters who undergo changes in their physical sex — magically or otherwise — throughout the story.

Gender bending is present in modern arts and media, and we at Fiction Horizon have decided to dwell into that world in order to give you an insight into the world of gender bender anime. Ouran High School is a privileged educational institution where children of the richest and noblest families in Japan children of politicians and big business tycoons go to school.

At the school, some of the best teachers in the country de the curriculum in such a way as not to overload the pampered wealthy students.

Gender bender (male->female)

Thanks to such care, they have a huge amount of free time that they spend on their hobbies. By chance, Haruhi Fujioka, who had enrolled in this school thanks to his academic achievements, enters the abandoned music classroom in which this club is based. After accidentally knocking a luxurious 8-million yen vase off a stand, Haruhi Fujioka found himself in virtual slavery by the wealthy members of the Host Club.

From now on, he must go to the girl, work as a servant, carry out small errands and do other dirty work in the club until graduation, thereby fulfilling his duties to the club. Although the idea did not generate much enthusiasm for Haruhi, he had no choice but to agree to the proposal. Almost no training was required, as Haruhi had a natural ability to attract the attention of the students. But the clients of the club do not even realize that Haruhi Fujioka is a girl. Ranma Saotome 16 is a young martial arts expert plagued by a singular curse: during training in China, he and his father fell into the Cursed Springs of Jusenkyo.

Anyone who falls into one of these springs, as soon as he comes into contact with cold water, is destined to transform himself into the animal or person who drowned in it hundreds or thousands of years ago; to get back to your appearance you have to get wet transform hot water. Ranma also suffers from a debilitating cat phobia that makes him able to become, even if only mentally, a cat himself in behavior and movements but not in appearance. When a panda and a girl arrive in the Tendo house with Guy great crash, Soun believes Ranma is actually a woman and passes out.

Ranma is now officially engaged to Akane, but the troubles for the two have only just begun. At school, Kuno Tatewaki, madly in love with Akane, wants to defeat him in order to break the engagement. In addition to her, several other alleged girlfriends will come forward in the story.

Ryoga Hibiki is a historical rival of Ranma and has no sense of direction. He has only one goal in mind — to take revenge on Ranma for dropping him into the cursed springs, which forces him to transform into a black pig. After seeing Akane, he falls madly in love with her, and as a pig he will also become her pet, P-Chan.

Gender bender (male->female)

The story therefore revolves all around Ranma, who is admired by both girls and boys, on his transformations and on the difficult relationship with Akane, and the continuous attempts of the protagonist to go back to being a normal boy one day. On the way home, Hotaru meets a strange and mysterious man who is on the phone near the door of his apartment.

After a not so pleasant first encounter, the man introduces himself as Masamune Matsuoka, with Hotaru vowing never to work with him again. The next day, when Hotaru learns that her best friend has been cheated on by a host, she goes to a hosting club to deal with the person in question, who turns out to be the same man she met yesterday!

She furiously accuses him of cheating on her boyfriend and immediately challenges him, but Matsuoka has a few tricks up his sleeve as well. With Matsuoka declaring that if he loses he will apologize and if she loses she will become his slave, the game begins. Although Hotaru believes that it will be pretty easy for her to defeat him because she is quick and nimble and she has a fully loaded pistol when he has just one pellet in his gun, she realizes too late that he in fact is a prodigy at the game. Hotaru cannot refuse because of her loss and the enormous debts she now has to pay for property damage.

She s the team. How can Hotaru, a woman, the team when everyone thinks she is a boy?! The story is set in a Catholic school for women called Ame no Kisaki, where the protagonist, Kanako Miyamae, is transferred. She has an allergy towards men.

'he' becomes 'she': husband's transformation into a woman

Kanako has the objective of finding a girlfriend at school, motivated by the love story between her parents; her mother was a student of said institution while her father was a teacher. At school she meets Mariya, a young woman who at first seems beautiful, with a kind and fresh character; someone perfect. Kanako quickly falls in love with her partner, but soon discovers her terrible secret: Mariya is actually a transvestite boy, who thanks to her androgynous face and special wardrobe, manages to infiltrate the boarding school and convince everyone that she is a woman.

Mariya acts in this way motivated by a clause of the will of her grandmother, the former director of the institute, and incidentally, to form her harem. With her secret discovered, Mariya forces Kanako to keep it hidden at all costs.

As the story progresses, comic and embarrassing situations develop in which Mariya tests Kanako so that she keeps the secret of her cross-dressing. On the other hand, Kanako meets the other girls at the institute, each with her own story, and as the series progresses, the development of the relationship between Kanako and Maria will be observed. In addition, it has many characteristics of the yuri genre, taking into the sexual inclination and the character of its protagonist. But on the other hand, it breaks with many stereotypes of these, since in the story itself a relationship is never established between two women at least between the protagonists.

The series, like others of its kind, has taken on many elements related to Catholicism. The Ame no Kisaki and Mihoshi no Mori academies are an example, as both are schools for nuns where Christian habits are taught to students, such as obeying the ten commandments, praying before eating, learning to live with others, etc.

But it is not mandatory to be a Christian in order to enter the school, in fact the president of the student club Shiki Ayari explains to Kanako that many girls in the school do not even profess Christianity. Kanako herself, in a deliberate act confesses to being agnostic, to which the president replies that she too, in a certain way, is. The vice president even opined that the way the Church operates and faith itself are very different things.

The story deals with the lives of three sisters into the Minami family — Haruka, Kana and Chiaki — each girl their own striking personalities and means of spending the day at home and at school, gym or college. The anime has episodes with varied themes, and does not have a final goal to be achieved, having the same style as anime such as Lucky StarAzumanga Daioh and School Rumblebut with a more serious and Guy theme than all mentioned.

Each of them studies in a Japanese educational internship; Chiaki studies in elementary school, Kana in secondary elementary school and Haruka in high school. Due to this several additional characters are presented during the episodes in which the transform characters are in study hours. As for the gender bending present in this anime, the character of Makoto is a crossdresser who plays a large role in the story.

The teenage boy who transformed to a woman in nine months

It seems even more absurd to him that his stuffed tiger called Harakiri Tora speaks to him and can move. Waking up the next day, he believes that what had happened last night was just a dream and meets Kaede Sakura on the way to school. After the dispute is settled, Natsuru is approached by the normal Akane at school, who turns out to be a very reserved girl. From her, he finally learns that because of the bracelet is the same color, they should both belong to the same team, whose opponents should be visible on a red bracelet.

However, this person turns out to be the head girl of the school of the two. The head girl Shizuku, however, wants it to remain a secret in the school that these fighters exist and thus she ensures that Natsuru also goes to this school in his female form.

Furthermore, problems arise again and again because Natsuru cannot yet control his transformation. After a while, however, the blue and red fighters become friends because they see no point in fighting each other as no one can tell them the reason why they should fight.

He actually wanted to get rid of his bad reputation when he switched to high school, but he does not want to succeed. But when one day he falls down the stairs and falls on his classmate Urara Shiraishi and they transform by chance, they both swap girls. Both are surprised and finally they can undo the exchange with another kiss. Yamada learns from Shiraishi that she is not only a successful student, but is also bullied by others. From then on, they swap bodies more often in order to benefit each other. Together with the student council president Toranosuke Miyamura, who wants to support the two, they revive the club for the investigation of supernatural phenomena and thus have an undisturbed space for their body swap.

To keep their club and get money from the student council, the group has to convince Shiraishi to go to university after school. Yamada can finally encourage her by making himself want to go to university. With this success Miyamura can become the next student council president. Together, the group discovers that there are six other girls at the school with magical abilities that are activated by kisses. The story centers on a group of students and the dramatic change suffered by one of them, Hazumu Osaragi, the protagonist.

The events of the series are set in the fictional city of Kashima-shi in Tokyo. One day into his class, he Guy his love for Yasuna Kamiizumi — one of his classmates and friends — but was quickly rejected by his misery.

Chloe prince: 'not all about yourself'

Upon reaching the top, Hazumu observes a shooting star, which surprisingly got bigger and bigger as the minutes passed. Having no chance to escape, due to rapidly approaching him, it is revealed to be an alien spaceship and Hazumu is killed by the crash. The story then revolves around whether or not Hazumu will return to his original body, in turn changing the relationship he had with his companions. Through this, a love triangle emerges between the three protagonists — Hazumu, Yasuna and Tomari. This consists mainly in the insecurity that they present between them about whether to act on their love instincts despite being of the same sex.

Another conflict occurs between Yasuna and Tomari, who fight to stay with Hazumu, while the latter cannot choose one of the two. The drama that ensues between the three of them is often quite melodramatic. Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru tells the story of the main character Mizuho Miyanokouji, an androgynous high school student. Respecting this will, Mizuho disguises himself in order to infiltrate it. Initially, only the headmistress, headteacher Hisako Kajiura and Mariya Mikado know his secret; Shion Jujo and Ichiko Takashima also eventually find out.

Mizuho is very popular with other high school girls, who often discuss her beauty, cuteness and athleticism. This unbridled popularity increases to the point that he is nominated, against his will, to become the student council president.

Because of this, the current student council president, Takako Itsukushima, opposes Mizuho. Until graduation, she was referred to by her peers as Onee-sama. If no one reaches this threshold, the president of the student council for the current year becomes the eldest. In the following months, Mizuho is confronted with the responsibility entailed by this status and tries to help the other characters as best as possible while keeping his true identity a secret. Tsutomu Senkawa is a high school student preparing for college entrance exams.

20 best gender bender anime

Tsutomu goes outside for a breath after a hard day at work studying for the big test, when he meets a strange man who asks for his help. The man was being hunted and ends up being an interplanetary criminal on the run from a Federal Agent of the Universe, named Birdy Cephon Altera.

In the middle of the chase, Tsutomu is mistaken for the criminal and is electrocuted.