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It was the best summer of my life I was years-old and just starting to learn about girls. Living in a small town in Alaska called Sitka, we all wore so much clothing during the winter that it was hard to tell who was a girl or who was a boy?

Girl Dare Stories

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Where Girls Dare is a funny and entertaining story of two lady cadets who are in training alongside four hundred gentlemen cadets. Many of these men are of the kind who think that having girls in the army is a bad idea.

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The earliest they recalled was when they were three and six.

Because she said so. She would often run across still wearing her pink barbie slippers and stay there. It was one of those nights, the mother came home later than the two little girls expected.

Hot dare night with the girls ended in jail

The sternness in her voice would both scare you and make you laugh simultaneously. The mother would turn into a naughty little boy.

She liked to act like that. Or was it the kids that liked seeing that face of hers?

Reproachful screams rose from the apartment. Or was it because they considered it normal? Every question was just boring. She was full of wisdom and stories, and she knew which words to use for the .

Truth or dare

These words were as if she was speaking to herself, or maybe it was for the kids to question when they grow up. Perhaps she knew they would remember her every word growing up because her words were words to their hearts. That was the day the kids learned she would always abstain from putting on her make-up in front of others.

Was she afraid of people catching a glimpse of her real self as she painted a new self?

Or was it just a distraction from what really terrified her? When the kids were ten and thirteen, the mother took the older one shopping. They bought her first heels. She felt like a princess. She and her sister, they were born into this world to make a change.

Field trip shenanigans - girls just wanna have fun

That day was the first time the girl saw something other than affection in her eyes. They left everything she bought in the car and brought in the purchases after the girls went to bed. She never got to show her sister what she bought that day. Would it upset her sister too much to know?

Truth or dare (on hold)

Was it really necessary to lie? When they were thirteen and sixteen, the older girl found a letter in her room. One the mother wrote when she was in primary school. When they were learning how to write letters, she became her pen friend. The girl remembered writing about the weird characteristics of her teachers at her new school and in the letter, the mother describes herself as a response.

The mother used to be an actress before the birth of her child, so the girl always assumed she was just describing the roles she played to entertain them, metaphors to her different moods perhaps. The girls never saw her act on anything official, but she told them about her days as an actress; the plays and tv shows she was in.

It was like they were growing up, but the mother was staying the same. Before the girls were able to question the fact that the grandfather was dead, she started telling them about how in France she had an elocutionist. They knew she spoke French very well, but this was the first time they ever heard about her going to France. When did she go? She told them she was the daughter of a prince. No matter how old they were, the girls still enjoyed her sudden breaks into characters, although it meant no dare answers to questions, they would forget about the questions, anyway.

In the girl letter, the mother also said that she had a lot to tell the story once she hit eighteen. The girl heard this a lot afterwards, every dare she asked a question, and she waited patiently until that day came.

What were all the things she collected over the stories to tell her but never did? But the things the girl perhaps would never want to hear.

Words that make and break worlds. No one knew who she was. She never broke out of character. She woke up, but not from a nightmare but of a beautiful dream.

That was the day she grew up. Probably not.

But she is still living in the shadow of lies. The older girl keeps one more secret for the woman she saw as a mother once, the woman she will never see again. Would it upset her too much to know? Was it necessary to lie?

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Those questions I kept asking, do you want the answers? Yes, so do I. How easy you reflect your emotions in your eyes. Why did she like that? Was it because her own eyes were full of lies? Or was it because they seemed easy to break? So who am I if all I grew up with was just an illusion? Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Short Story: Truth or Dare. Prev Post. Next Post.