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Giantess crush stories, Hostess crush pick boy especially for giantess

Serena took a look outside her window at the sun that was starting to set, and then at her mirror, checking over her outfit once more. There's no way Darien can resist me tonight.

Giantess Crush Stories

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One Saturday night while sitting at home watching television I suddenly was startled by the ringing of my telephone. I picked up the phone and said "hello. She said, "I noticed you were home on Saturday night. I don't have anything to do either, why don't you come over and we'll watch TV together. I have always had a crush on her because she is so beautiful.

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Giantess night out

I know what you're thinking to yourself. You're thinking, "here I am about to read some flyass macrophilia porn. Or, you know, read the story on here and don't indulge yourself in high-quality visual pornographic stimulus. What do I know? You can address me, but don't ask me any questions. Looking into the camera is fine — it's good, really, but again don't think of it as looking at me, think of it as looking at the audience.

Does that make sense?

Looking for something quick?

Jenni rolled her eyes at her bossy little sister's instructions. Now put these on. It was a mixture of purple and teal.

She ran the hair between her fingers and frowned. Trust me, it'll look fine. Lauren looked at her sister with an expression of incredulity. There was a moment of silence between the girls, then Lauren turned and picked up a small metal pot, out from which a few tiny people called for help. The older sister, now clad in her blue wig, rolled her eyes. They're still human beings. The last thing I'm going to have is for either one of us to go down for this.

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The young blonde gave a nervous wave. She's seen this kind of thing before. She's just tagging along because we're going on a double date tonight. Jenni's eyebrows raised. I have a boyfriend! She looked over to the blonde on the couch. Fly on the wall, and all that. You ready? Jenni raised the pot to study the little things, looking over each one of them, seeing them as people. They were a mixed bunch of varied genders, ethnicities and ages. Some pleaded for mercy to her, others raged and screamed, and still more cowered in the corner.

She wondered what it must be like for the little weaklings to be looking up at the girl about to kill them. She smiled softly. She hadn't had any reservations about the shoot going in, but now that it was here she was excited. Her body tingled with energy.

Lauren sank to her knees off to the side of the see-through table onto which Jenni climbed. Jenni was momentarily overwhelmed by the responsibility of being on camera, but she forced herself to not let it freeze her. She looked giantess into the tub again, giving it a shake with her story. The people trapped within collectively screamed, those on their feet tumbling to the ground. She laughed and plucked up a lone man, setting the bin down on the chair at the corner of the table. Wanna play with me? He landed on his back, crying out in pain as he stared up at the monstrous young woman towering above him.

She lifted her foot up and tapped his chest with the toe of her boot. The tiny man was terrified. He had heard of people like him being taken by sociopathic giants and dropping off the face of the Earth, but he had never truly considered the implications behind it. Now he was face-to-face crush his own demise and the experience couldn't be more terrifying.

When her toe lifted off of him he rolled onto his front, scrambled quickly to his feet and started sprinting away as fast as he could. It'll all be over soon. Your death is gonna be one of the shortest things you have to endure.

Lauren moved underneath her sister's foot, capturing the man's last moments in high definition. Help me! Don't let her kill me! His voice, tiny though it was, carried to the camera and came through clearly. Lauren's face remained expressionless as she watched him squirm underneath Jenni's boot.

Giantess neighbor

The heralding of his destruction shuddered softly through the table. His legs were flattened against the glass, and Lauren instinctively made sure to get those in focus. The tiny man let out an impressive scream that made it clear his lungs were still intact, and Jenni lifted her shoe up to inspect the damage.

He shrieked in pain every time she touched them. She hovered her shoe over his right arm and pressed down, smashing it into the transparent surface. Please God! He weakly clawed with his last limb, trying to drag himself away from the inevitable.

C'mere, let me see if I can't fix that for you. He looked into the face of the girl beneath him, who looked back up through the lens of a camera. She looked young, in her early twenties at most. She wasn't smiling as she watched him die, just stared at him with a professional indifference. Suddenly, his ribs gave way in a series of snaps that led to a final wet crunch. Jenni smeared his body across the plexiglass with a twist of her heel. Lauren gave a silent thumbs-up al as Jenni looked down to her for approval. Jenni knew her sister had shot these kinds of videos before, and she'd watched a few prior to coming over to shoot one herself.

Still, in the moment she wasn't sure if she was doing what she was expected, but the quiet affirmation from her sister emboldened her.

She strutted back over to the stool and plucked another little person out. She was a mousey brunette who stared fearfully up at Jenni. The little girl could plainly see it from where she was standing. The red viscera was smeared across the glass table, and a woman with a camera was kneeling at the edge of the table, getting both her and the gore in the shot. Suddenly the boot came down again, pinning her to her front. She screamed as Jenni's foot slid her forward, dragging the tiny woman towards the remains of her victim.

Lauren tightened the focus on the poor girl's face.

Shassai – jenny’s new uniform

No, oh God no! She tried to splay her limbs to gain some traction against the ground but Jenni casually overpowered her best efforts, and within seconds she was being rubbed through the dead man's blood. She lifted her shoe up. The little woman needed no more incentive. The second the words were out of the giantess' lips she started pushing herself onto all fours, trying to get away from the slick blood all around her. A force slammed into her back, knocking her onto her face again, and Jenni's laugh came down once more.

You can't take forever if you're going to run away. Go on, try it again.

Hglock – giantess crush short stories

But again, just as she was getting to her knees Jenni shoved her down again with another tap from her foot. Leave me alone right now! You wanna fight? Good shot! A swift tap was all it took to send shockwaves of pain through the woman's body.