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Gay romance novels with alpha males, Gay liked searching guy that alpha novels

From Blood and Ash is a slow burn, fantasy romance book by Jennifer L. Check out the book review from romance book blogger, She Re Romance Books, to see if this is a romance book worth reading. Danger Zone, Need for Speed and Classified make up this 3-book series which is one of the best in gay romance.

Gay Romance Novels With Alpha Males

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Anyone who regularly re paranormal and werewolf romances knows there are a lot of common tropes. And tropes can get old after awhile, right?

Well, sometimes. A graphic novel anthology, this book is full of werewolf stories, although admittedly not all of them are romance. But these stories, written by recognizable authors like Seanan McGuire and Meredith McClaren, are short and sweet and give you a nice little snippet into the lives of the werewolves and the people they spend their time with. Yeah, they may not all have the huge build into a blossoming romance that makes you sigh and wish just me?

Okay cool but they show the After, the couples that have found their rhythm and doing the day-to-day thing.

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Yes please. TJ Klune is well known for his books with queer representation, and that reputation is safe with Wolfsong. We follow Ox, our main character, as he grows up from a young adult with an abusive father to an adult who is what his pack needs but also his own person. Love interest Joe is well rounded as well, with his own story and needs, and the story lets both of them come together and part at one point naturally and in a human way that seems fitting for gay werewolf books.

This is another detective romance but is based a bit more heavily in the realm of urban fantasy, with this detective having some magic of his own. Gods are real and apparently call in debts to solve disappearances of one of their own. The world building in this book is excellent, draws you in immediately, and is spellbinding insert finger guns here.

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In their debut novel, R. Sayan takes the werewolf story and places it in the medieval era in Spain, where the village Abadosos have been plagued by werewolves. There used to be werewolf hunts, akin to that of the witch hunts we are familiar with, but they had the you would expect. Now the villagers rarely talk, and live in near silence, not acknowledging the people who would disappear every full moon.

And survives, unbitten, thanks to hood friend he never thought he would see again. This one is definitely long, almost s, and is a slow, slow burn.

Contemporary gay romance novels

But so worth it. Lost lovers and lost identities are found in this book, with an added touch of the Forbidden Lovers trope. In the midst of a war where wolf shifters are disappearing and turning up dead, fate brings Kane and Luca together after Luca is believed to be dead for years.

The world-building is fantastic with this book and the characters are actually a part of it, rather than being a stand-up set built around the standard paranormal tropes. If you pick this one up I recommend that you get comfortable and pack some snacks, because it is difficult to put this one down.

Content warnings for mentions of abuse and violence. This book is filled to the brim with snark and dry humor and enemies-to-lovers chemistry between the two love interests. Our Queerest Shelves Newsletter.