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Forced tg fantasy, Host Forced pick boy for escorts

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Forced Tg Fantasy

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I have a Demon Lord for a father. A sex crazed succubus for a maid. An eldritch horror for a brother.

Name: Vyky
What is my age: 24
Eyes colour: I’ve got soft gray-green eyes
What is my hair: Fair
Hobbies: Blogging

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When Bill came back home he felt a moment of panic when he saw his wife Claire sitting on the couch and looking at his laptop computer.

His wife knew nothing of his fascination with TG captions and he had bookmarked some of his favorite sites and blogs. He just had to hope that his wife was browsing the Internet and had not looked at the sites he was visiting. One look at the expression on her face was enough to tell him that she had found his bookmarks.

Bill felt his face flush red as he thought of the images she must be looking at of women in sexy outfits and lingerie and captions explaining how they are real men. He cringed as he thought of the stories of feminized husbands forced to wear panties or boyfriends transformed into girls.

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A bit of fun that my husband fantasizes about being turned into a woman? Claire was wearing a short tight black skirt and purple satin blouse that showed off her wonderful cleavage.

As she sat there discussing his weakness for a fetish Bill realized how sexy she looked. Claire looked him straight in the eye and Bill had the uncomfortable sensation that she was enjoying humiliating him. Have you been wearing my panties behind my back?

Well, since you clearly enjoy wearing them you can show me how they look. After all, for the next three hours Claire worked on Bill totally feminizing him into a beautiful girl.

She removed all of his hair and gave him a new feminine hair style. The more she worked the more comfortable Bill felt with what she was doing to him. When she was finished she handed him a matching pair of red lacy panties and a bra.

When Bill had put them on he looked in the mirror and he was thrilled with the. From now on you will live as a woman all the time.

That was too much. He tried to protest but when Claire threatened to go public with his fetish he knew he was beaten. Bill went to the bedroom and took off his clothes.

Then he went back to see her. As he stood their in front of his wife wearing only the skimpy lingerie he had never felt more foolish in his life.

Claire stared at him for a long time without saying anything. Then she spoke.

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