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First Person Erotic Stories

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in. Originally wrote it in Oct, some refinement in Maythen it got shelved.

Name: Celinka
How old am I: 22
Where am I from: I was born in Switzerland
What is my sex: Girl
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Libra
My body type: My figure features is plump
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I like: Learning foreign languages

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Punishment [forced sex] [first person pov]

Install the app. Erotica from the male POV. Thread starter GeorgieB Start date Jun 23, Forums Writing Genre Erotica. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

GeorgieB Almost a wannabe writer.

Super Member. I have an idea for an erotic novel that's been floating around in my head for some time. The problem is that to effectively tell it, I would have to write it from the male main character's MMC's first-person point of view.

Has anyone ever read any? Any titles? I can't think of any. What about the possibilities of ever seeing a completed novel written as I propose in print? I am going to write it, no matter what, as I am fascinated by the possibilities of detailing sexual emotions from the male POV. I'm a male, if my screen name doesn't give that away. And thanks for any help. JanDarby Super Member. ed Apr 26, Messages 3, Reaction score 1, Check out cleansheets.

Present tense

I'm sure there are examples of male, first person POV, although those are short stories. Many of the stories at Ruthiesclub. The erotica readers site also has a good section for authors, where there are extensive erotica market listings. I can't recall whether the classic Victorian erotica books were first person or third person, but many of them were definitely from a male point of view, and there really isn't a huge leap from close third person POV to first person. Most of the erotica I own is from before the erotic romance revolution and is written by men in the male POV.

I can look up some titles when I get home if you want. But it has got to the point where people say 'erotica' when they specifically mean 'erotic romance' just because it is a very active sub-genre right now. Last edited: Jun 23, A very good friend of mine writes erotica from the male POV--and most of his readers are women.

I think it's very viable, considering the market right now. I changed my avatar I'll read the answers later when time permits. Thanks for the replies so far.

Giles English Eroticist for hire Super Member. ed Feb 23, Messages 80 Reaction score 4 Website chasteerotica.

My novel was limited 3rd person, male POV. My publisher seems to be one of the very few still serving male readers. Non-romance publishers erotic aren't as obvious online, but they are still out there. Oddly enough one place to see books by a lot of them is ariport bookstores. Christian is male and is on the "level" of Susie Bright et al "quality literary erotica" in terms of anthologies and erotic fiction but I haven't personally looked to see if he's written a novel yet, but at the very least you should find some short stories of his from the POV.

That assumes, I think, that all erotica is erotic romance. There are still a great many publishers of 'just erotica' or 'porn books' or 'literary porn for men' etc. Most of them have a slim to nil web presence and publish a dozen books a year not a dozen a month, but they still exist.

Click to expand JanDarby said:. Soccer Mom Crypto-fascist Kind Benefactor.

Male POV erotica is harder to find, but has a dedicated following mostly female. Except in print from erotica genre not romance where I suspect it is still mostly a male readership.

Present tense

Although I like to reader stories where men encounter endless s of large breasted naughty nymphos I see that as aiming more for men. Soccer Mom said:. I'm at work and can't really I can get you some names tonight. We're a freaky area, eh.

I'm sure if you look regionally - and you'll probably find great calls for submissions on ERWA - you'll find some publishers. Cleis Pres is the publisher. They run a more personal outfit.

They're very respected and have been around a long time they're on the web. Others: www. I have a friend who works for counterpoint. Hope this helps! Rosedale Registered. ed Jul 6, Messages 3 Reaction score 0. I'm much better at first-person POV writing in any genre, and for the same reason as others, I have trouble writing male POV in a character-driven story. My experience is that the men and women who read hard-core porn - at least among my betas - don't want to bother with story setup.

They want sex from the opening line. Last edited: Jul 6, ed Jun 25, Messages Reaction score A little late here but hey, I'm new.

I do not tend to enjoy hetro stories written totally from a male point of view but will purchase it if it has a good plot and seems well written. Rosedale said:.

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Giles English said:. You must log in or register to reply here. Featured Book.

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