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Femdomsissy-tumblur, I would Femdomsissy-tumblur dating friend who wants champagne

Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr.


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A place for sissy, chastity, femdom, pegging captions and the like.

Name: Shandie
My age: 20
Nationality: I'm american
Iris color: Dark green eyes
Hair: Scraggly white hair
What is my hobbies: Marital arts
I like piercing: None

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Went to a super fun art exhibit the other night! Well Femdomsissy-tumblur tits definitely came out more then a few times while I was there So spacey and so empty - The best pleasure units empty out their minds so they can make room in the rest of their holes.

I am boneless. The bed shifts and I open my eyes.

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He is braced above me, looking down at my face with a smile. I smile back, and manage to reach up to pull him down for a kiss.

I can smell my pussy on his beard, his mustache. He shifts as we kiss and his cock nudges at me. I ignore it and continue to kiss him. He begins to lightly rub the Femdomsissy-tumblur of his cock up and down the crease of my pussy. He groans against my mouth and begins to rub more firmly.

I smile against his lips. He shudders and lunges forward to kiss my neck fiercely. His voice is guttural with want now.

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I laugh and he growls into my neck. He nods, understanding. He braces and our eyes meet as his cock pushes past that first resistance and then sinks in. We both groan this time. I can feel his hips begin to shift and I grab his hair in my fist. He nods desperately, eyes closed tight in concentration, fighting instinct.

He is Femdomsissy-tumblur, his arms shuddering.

His whole body is screaming for him to move, to thrust. He groans again, but he stays still. Holding his gaze, I clench on his cock, and he gasps.

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I do it again, harder, and he pulls out frantically. He knows that should he come without permission, he would be punished. To come inside me without permission would be a very, very severe punishment indeed. He eases in and I slap his ass.

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As he finds the angle and rhythm that pleases me, his thrusts grow stronger. I catch my breath. It excites him to be used, to be a thing.

I can feel yet another orgasm rolling toward me. This is for me.

Oh fuck, this is hot. Shot in my private NYC studio. What a lovely pair of ballet boots. The girls will love them and will look so feminine with them on. Omg it has her measurements on it too wow she really knows her value.

Hehe I need to get it updated for sure! Now I'm a !

I love it, you naughty lil bimbo. Were you a naughty pleasure unit that night? Ooh who wants to do this with me? I already have the boots! There will be no slipping out of this device sissy slut. Only in dreams…. This story is super hot!

He groans again. He breathes deeply, head down, until he regains control. I wait.

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