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Fair warning! This list might have you click-buying.

It sure did for me. At the SFF Seven this week we're talking censorship. Charissa and KAK already provided excellent discussions of the difference between censorship and blocking disinformation and hate. So, I'm going to take the topic in a slightly different direction, which is looking at the ways we censor ourselves.

A fantasy problem for writers - perhaps for all creatives - is getting rid of the other voices in our he. Something new authors often seem to ask is how to write about topics their families consider off limits for one reason or another. They can be concerned about dealing with sexual topics or gender-related ones, politics, family secrets, etc.

It's not easy to free ourselves to write when there's that persistent worry that someone we love will read it and be angry. And so we censor ourselves, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. On a larger scale, we live in an era loud voices. In an erotica economy, where businesses thrive or fail based on clicks, the loudest, most persistent voices can be the most lucrative.

This kind of environment isn't conducive to the silence creatives need in order to coax new art into being. Those loud voices can drown out the quiet whispers of something fragile and newly born to the world. The voices can also leak into our thoughts and dictate what we should and shouldn't write. Thus we censor ourselves, killing those new sprouts before we even have time to discover what they are. What's the solution? There are no easy answers. I can offer that I have a poster hanging over my desk, one I made myself.

It says:.

I look at it often when I hesitate, when voices leak into my head, when I start worrying about the final story and how it will be received. It keeps me going. There's a loaded question.

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We have a knee-jerk reaction to the term "censorship" because we see it being abused as a political weapon and a tool of suppression for civil rights and social progress. What we tend to forget are the instances where censorship is beneficial and necessary. One has to go deep into the troll dungeons to find that shit. There are different types of censorship: government, religious, and free-market being the most obvious.

While we want to chafe against any institution trying to control what we can and cannot access, we do so from within a space that's already been protected from the deluge of horrific crap. When the crap barriers weaken, we get things like Facebook and YouTube with their enabling and promotion of bad actors. So, short answer, no, "censorship" is not a four-letter word. Censorship is built upon the gray wobbly foundation of "morality.

Leigh wood. erotica author.

The ways to combat censorship abuse The shortest and most glib answer is "follow the money then take it away. I'll be honest. I'm not sure what this topic even means.

I think it means--Should censorship be something we don't say or talk about? But I like four-letter words, so my entire understanding of this question is probably different from what it should be.

~read !book extreme fantasy erotica: collection of 70 taboo sex stories [full]

Also, this subject can get really expansive, so I'll be brief. What I'll say is this: Censorship means different things to different people, usually based on their politics and sometimes often religion. Someone might fight the school board to remove a book with gay characters from the school library.

This is an attempt to censor what people read based on personal beliefs. It is not a danger to expose and educate kids on diversity and tough topics--people and parts of the world they live in. It can build empathy and understanding--these are good things. If parents think it's harmful, they can discuss that erotica their children.

What IS dangerous is promoting hate speech or books that promote hate against marginalized communities. It really isn't hard. If So and So Author wants to publish a book that promotes neo-Nazi activity, it shouldn't be a surprise if this is prevented or the book rejected or removed from libraries or schools. Decisions should be based on fantasy judgments and standards, not government or religious beliefs and not even on personal taste or because someone doesn't like the ideas presented.

Passion for gay erotica and fantasy

Not educating your kids about the real world around them is doing them a tremendous disservice. I'm announcing a couple of cool things this week on Instagramso if you don't follow me, come say hi!

I was so nervous the entire time she was reading my book ; But I think it turned out okay! Charissa Weaks's high-stakes storytelling will leave you waiting eagerly for the next installment. I can tell you all about what I write before I start writing a draft of a book.

But the fact is that I'm in the market at the moment.

What I've been doing is inadequate to the way my life works right now. Flux is the kindest word I can conjure.

Webrings and beyond

Here's what I've done in the past, though:. I jump in. I usually have a concept. From that concept, I see if I can write three chapters as a proof of concept. That comes in the form of super in-depth character templates. I use the ones from Break Fiction by Mary Buckham. They begin and end fantasy what drives your characters. It's a lot of psychology and delving into old psychic wounds. It's really great if you're a character driven writer.

It worked brilliantly for me for years - years I didn't have an overwhelming full time job, and aging parents living with me. It worked when I had time and brain space for staying immersed in the characters and their feelz. Those days are gone for the moment. I can either admit that, or I can go on wasting my life waiting for it to 'get better'. What I need now is a means for adding a plot outline or a necessary scene list so I can maximize the tiny windows of writing time I do have.

The downfall of the character templates is that they leave your story open - you can still pants your way through a erotica with character drives and emotions and wounds. That's fine - it's just a bigger investment in time, in my experience.

O'banion and squire fantasy erotica

Lovely if you have the privilege. Less so if you're working three jobs. Maybe this is where writing goes from being self-indulgent fun thing to wallow around in and explore. Maybe under duress, it grows up into something a little more -- I don't know.

I feel like I'm asking for creative briefs for my own content.