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Face farting stories, South face hunting farting male especially for story

Thanks for your messages! I appreciate the compliments. Their weekly contests and gas inducing foods made them perpetually gassy.

Face Farting Stories

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This is a continuation of my superbowl story. This continuation was not really planned, but I found the perfect photo for a sequel. He looked like the original dude kind of. Apartment 7C. My calling. The first knock I gave, the door swung open the first hit.

Name: Junina
Years old: I am 23
What is my sex: Female
Color of my hair: Flaxen

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The MousePad. This Job Stinks!!!

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Face sitting Story warning: contains farting. Share Share with:.

Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 3 posts. Kevin was currently under the desk, on his knees, with his hands behind him and palms flat on the floor and his head tilted back. Kevin felt bailey lean forward as a her anus pushed out through her yoga pants slightly and a burst of eggy methane filled his lungs.

Gay fart fiction — this is a continuation of my superbowl story. this

Kevin reached down to adjust his pants as he walked a few steps to the right to keep her ass in view as she walked into the back room Kevin waited and a few minutes later she came walking back over "hey so lucky for you someone just quit last night!

Kevin thanked her and tried to keep his composure while walking out. Kevin leaned in, his nose less then an inch from her ass as he took a deep sniff. Kevin didn't know what to do Kevin went to go get the broom and dust pan, quickly running back, kneeling behind bailey and cleaning as she checked out the lady. Kevin got started on his duties.

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Kevin tried to go back in the bathroom. Kevin tried to concentrate as he heard his name said Miss Bailey" she smiled as she turned around and left, her thick ass jiggling as she walked out the door. This story seemed more about facesitting rather than foot worship or about feet in general.

I counted only references to feet and they were just him holding her feet. Please remember, this forum is about female feet, not other aspects of BDSM activities.

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