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Ellen degeneres fanfiction, I'd like looking up fanfiction who loves degeneres

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here. Ellen and Portia - True Love. She almost kissed him in that moment, but had enough sense not to.

Ellen Degeneres Fanfiction

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Yes I will update as soon as I have written more! Sorry, I'm quite busy with school. I place my glass down as I head downwards where everyone was dancing. I make my way through the crowd of people as I start to dance to the loud music that was playing. It was so crowded because everyone was dancing with each other and bumping into one another.

Name: Felita
Years old: I'm 44 years old
Meeting with: Gentleman
Hair color: Chestnut hair
Languages: English, Japanese
I like: Marital arts

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She lands in my lap, naked, long legs in the air.

She giggles, and then turns to me, beaming. Her smile takes my breath away.

That she is mine, that I am hers. But here she was, warm and wanting in my lap.

I run a hand through her hair. I press my lips to her ear, as I brush my fingers over her sex with light, sweet touches. I plunge one finger deeper and use my thumb to rub her clit, lightly at first, moving my fingers in tandem.

Portia moans and writhes her hips, urging me to touch her more, and I chuckle. She gasps, and my touch becomes rougher, rubbing her clit more earnestly instead of teasing. Her breath is coming out in small sharp bursts. I press myself against her hip, letting her feel how wet I am.

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My wife gasps and arches her back. I keep my fingers moving, quick, in and out. She had whispered my name over and over, like a prayer falling from her lips. It was a sweeter ecstasy than I had ever known. I lean in to kiss her, brushing her sweaty bangs off her forehead.

The hazy smile she gives me when I pull away practically pulls the breath from my lungs. I lay my head in the crook of her neck, running a hand in slow passes over her belly and thighs as she comes down from her orgasm. After a few minutes, Portia starts to sit up.

Her fingers cup my face, gently, and I can feel her smile. She climbs out of the bed and picks up our chosen toy off the table. She slips the dildo through the front of the harness, and then stands up and begins buckling the apparatus in place. I smile. I stand off the bed so I can kiss her, cradling her jaw in my hand. Portia looks down at the floor, and when she speaks I have to strain to hear her. She blushes. I advance toward her, pushing her backwards until the back of knees are at the bed.

I pounce onto the bed, holding myself up on my knees and forearms, my body hemming degeneres in. I lean in a kiss her neck, focusing on the soft curve. I lick her pulse point, marveling how it jumps under my tongue. I am thankful fanfiction every beat of her heart that keeps her blood thundering through her veins.

She grabs my shoulders, and strokes a long leg up my thigh, torquing her body to roll me on my back, our positions reversed. I chuckle. Things are ellen again going as planned. I surrender, letting my hands fall to the bed, and she begins kissing down my neck, to my breasts. Her warm mouth presses against me and she licks a long stripe up my slit.

She kisses me there softly, and when she gets to my clit, she takes it into her mouth, but only briefly. My breath becomes shallower, and I groan in disappointment when her lips come off me. Portia moves lower, circling her tongue around my slick entrance, and then she pushes that warm, wet tongue of hers into me.

My muscles tense, quake, around her. It burns a bit at first, but my wife is careful. I murmur my assent, and she continues with her finger. I can feel my body loosening to her touch, opening to her. My face is turned to the side, pressed into the mattress, and I grab one of the pillows to clutch it to my chest.

I can feel my wife dig her fingers in, holding tight, and I delight in the sharp prick of her nails as they dig into my skin. Portia begins to push her hips forward, slowly sliding the tip in. Shallow, a bare inch. She goes slowly, moving in and out before pushing deeper into me. The feeling is incredible. There was still a slight burn present as she drove deeper, but it was sweet, pleasurable, accompanied by fullness and delicious friction. She pushes further in until our hips are flush together, the toy fully seated in my ass.

She pulls out a little, and then back in, quicker than before. She picks up a faster pace, moving in and out, hands tight on my hips. I can feel myself getting wetter with each shuddering gasp I hear her take, and that combined with the sweet friction of the toy pumping in and out of my ass, is more than enough to drive me wild.

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Aching for her fingers on my clit. I want to come, I want her to make me come. I yell her name as I come, my wetness leaking onto her hand. My wife runs her hands soothingly over my shoulders and back, and then kisses me sweetly, softly, on the back of my neck. I feel her slowly pull out of me, and then I feel the bed shift as she climbs out of it to unclasp the harness. I roll over and sink back on to the bed, watching my wife with a lazy, sated smile as the pleasure continues to hum through me. Portia shimmies the harness down her legs and lets it fall to the floor before ing me back in our bed.

Portia giggled.

But you know what really got me off? The fact that you let me do that. That was, God, Ellen that was so hot. I was, too. In that moment, a desperate flare of love gripped my heart, love for the amazing, beautiful woman lying in my arms. Ellen DeGeneres x. Ellen practicing her dance moves.

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Posts Likes Archive. And my wife is not one to back down from a challenge. She is in control, and I am hers. She pushes in a little further. She reaches between my legs and rolls my clit between two of her fingers. Something New. .

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