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Dragoness x human, Human am Dragoness somebody that wants japaneses

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Dragoness X Human

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Authors note: When I started the story My Mate: Bred by a Dragon I always intended to do another one, but with the male dragon and female human being switched. This isn't a new story, only a clever reversal of roles. I saw this format before, where you take the same story and change it so that the charachters are different but the plot is still the same. The sex has been almost completely re-written in most parts.

Name: Yetta
Years: 66
Sexual orientation: Man
What is my favourite drink: My favourite drink ale
I like: Blogging
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Also, check out our Twitter and FA. August Portal Search Member List Help. Hello There, Guest! Register. Username: Password: Lost Password? Remember me. Digiartists' Domain Community! s 2 : 1 2 Next ยป. Thread Modes. DragonMasterX Draconis Dominantae. Littered with planets and stars as far as anyone can see, the Milky Way, human any other galaxy, is known to host one of many systems including the one we live in. Our aptly named Solar System, one of them, is brother to one out of many. The neighboring system of Strella had Dragoness seen so much petty conflict between its only two solid planets, Elviner and Dragnier.

The two advanced, alien civilizations were relatively crafty, and had already mastered space travel, only to meet with discord once their races had officially met. No one really remembers why they are still fighting each other, but the war has been going for hundreds of human years, unbeknownst to the rest of the galaxy, let alone neighboring systems.

Dragniers are also humanoids, but they are more physically developed, with thick muscle cord running down their huge arms and legs, showing off chiseled abs and cut pectorals.

Their skin is scaly, and their faces are elongated in contrast to Elviners, to muzzle-like proportions. Where Elviners would have nail, they have claws, and where the former would have teeth, they had fangs. Another common trait among Dragniers are long scaly tails, powerful enough to snap thick trees in half.

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The males and females are easily differentiated from each other: Males tended to always be taller, bulkier, and more savage in appearance and women, while not any less strong than the former, usually sported athletic builds apt enough to one-up with a Dragnier male in battle. Despite their almost equalized scientific achievements, Elviners categorize the reptilian-like race as brutish scaled monsters that need to be tamed as pets, and blame the war on their obnoxious king unable to take advice on how to keep personal hygiene in check.

She was six foot three, a normal height for women of Dragnier and of her adult age. Daphne had long, shiny gray hair that reached her small waist, which curved with her luscious wide hips, topped with two plump butt cheeks delightfully squeezing her ass into a perfect peach shape.

Her tail was about a foot longer than the well-trained but still feminine legs, long and beautiful beyond comparison. With emerald green eyes and ebony black scales, this goddess of a dragon was more than able to pick out any male And any for that matter of her choosing. The princess, however, was not interested in such trifling matters. Daphne was a proud Dragnier, and a warrior to the very core. She looked feminine and athletic like any other woman in the planet, but she trained, and she fought.

She was respected for both her beauty and her power, and that sometimes got to her head, making her think she could take on everything and everyone. On that day, she would show them. She sympathized with his feelings, but thought to herself that she deserved a chance to prove her own worth.

Female dragon x human lemon

Without telling him anything, and after providing herself with some distraction for her bodyguards and servants, Daphne armed herself and slipped through the corridors of the main hangar to the ship she had been preparing the last couple days. Food, fuel, and spare weapons and armor. She had convinced herself she was ready. Without a moment to lose, the dragon princess rushed into the ship, dumped the extra equipment she had brought and climbed up to the cockpit.

She had already shown to be perfectly capable of navigating a ship in the simulations so she figured it would be easy to pilot a real one. The blastoff was successful, and she quickly managed to stabilize the ship once it was off the atmosphere of the planet. Daphne strongly believed in her plan. She would avoid enemy detection flawlessly. She would land in Elviner undetected, sneak into the enemy fortress, seize the area and take out their leader, human crippling their whole empire.

Daphne would then call back to her planet and the moment their revenge exacted would come. It was a brilliant plan! She imagined herself, then, being praised by her father, adored by the citizens Dragoness finally worshipped as some sort of war deity.

She could now see a planet not far off from her current location and there were no ships or drones surrounding it too. This was the perfect moment to strike! In the charts and maps of the system she had earlier seen, Elviner was depicted a bright green with only a couple blue spots. The planet seemed to be much bigger, and of an alternate pattern of colors as she remembered. No, it was time to strike, not to doubt herself! Daphne convinced herself, but then the proximity alert kicked in. Her radar flashed a bright red.

The light that filtered from the Sun to her ship though was starting to dim, and she blinked as she noticed the cause was a huge chunk of white approaching her. Oh god! What Daphne was seeing was something much smaller than any planet she had seen, but with human size to crush her and her ship if she collided directly against it. Clever Elviner bastards! She groaned and tried her best to spin the ship 90 degrees away from the large white rock, but the base of her ship grazed it with enough strength to damage part of the engines.

The alarm began ringing. The fuel was spilling, and the friction of the ship against the surface of whatever she had just grazed was causing enough sparks for the spilled fuel to catch on fire. The fire alarm summed to the loud racket. She looked at the blue planet with disdain, and growled in annoyance.

She was so near! Daphne had to prevail, there were no two ways about it. She looked at the controls and then closed her mind to the sounds, there was absolutely no way Dragoness make it with the ship unbroken and much less intact, the provisory isolation would not last forever and if it gave up for even a second the ship would explode taking her with it.

She had to play a gambit. Grabbing an emergency pack, she kept it close to her voluptuous chest and quickly set the controls to accelerate to the maximum velocity it could reach. The ship was struggling with the lack of fuel, but the command was acknowledged, and the ship began to pick up more and more speed. Her other arm was protecting the emergency pack, her only life line left. She had to wait until the ship had begun penetrating the atmosphere of the planet, and at that time, Dragoness would eject herself and trust her life to the pack.

Dragnier emergency packs were useful inventions that worked, in the metaphorical sense, like parachutes in an air plane. The packs were deed to let loose millions of single-purposed nano-machines capable of replicating a synthesized element akin to that of reinforced polycarbonate with a multi-layer of titanium to cover its user with in the shape of a human exo-suit. It only worked for a minimum of 10 seconds to a maximum of a full minute and it ran on the energy the nano-machines produced by consuming the materials provided to it.

The emergency pack exo-suits were resilent and almost indestructible on the outside, and soft and warm for its user, however, they were so heavy that they were impractical for any sort of movement, and were used solely for stationary defense, or to survive falls that would kill any person. As a result, these nearly unbreakable suits of armor were used to prevail in deadly situations such as these, or in extreme sports.

There was no time to get anything else. After she was within the esteemed falling range, Daphne quickly activated the rectangular pack against her chest and let the emerging colony of nanites to feast on her body suit.

She felt them crawl on her scaly skin and the feeling made her shiver, so she tried to visualize something else to distract herself.

Dragonxhuman stories

Once she felt she was ready, she threw her arm to the hatch control and bashed it with all her might, causing it to get blown off. It was then that her arm was covered with the last of the sturdy material and her exo-suit completed forming.

Her suit protected her even if she was in the blast radius, but the force of impact altered her trajectory, and her speed. With the incredibly dense material the suit was made of, plus the gravitational pull, the acceleration of her fall increased almost exponentially after the explosion of her ship sent her flying down. The friction at that point had become so human that the suit caught fire outside, not that Daphne could see it. To the denizens below, Daphne was like a shooting star.

Ethan felt as gloomy as the afternoon sky. As in any big city, the competition was harsh, the work environment was highly unpredictable and worst Dragoness all, he was due for the payments on most if not every one of his monthly bills.