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Dominant Female Bosses

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Five ways employees can thrive under female leadership

I believe that employees can thrive under the leadership of a female boss as I have, and research is there to validate this. While never intentional career moves on my part, it so happens that all of my bosses prior to my founding of Zebra Advertisement were women. Strong, experienced, inspiring women who influence how you approach competing in a primarily male dominated industry.

From my research and experience, I've seen that female bosses can be more engaged and can better foster employee development.

Female boss, male subordinate, sparks fly

In my experience and at my agency, keeping open communication with my employees has fostered positive relationships and has aided their career and personal development. While I look at a of different attributes to evaluate performance, I mainly focus on making progress. Women like Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Meyer in leadership roles are such a big deal because they set a precedent. Thanks to the success of them and other female executives, it will become the norm to see women take on C-level positions in politics, the tech industry, and other areas that are historically male-dominated.

Why do women bully each other at work?

When I first started Zebra Advertisement with my husband, people assumed I was the one doing the paperwork and picking up the phone. They never asked what my role was; we need to set the precedent to make it normal for women to hold whatever position they want.

Everybody likes to be part of the business process and a tight-knit team that pulls in the same direction will beat a large team without group identity. Typically, the more engagement there is from the managerial side, the better the team works together.

The female boss syndrome. do you have it?

This makes the team feel like what they do matters, and not just to the company but to the manager personally. Especially now that purpose-seeking millennials have climbed up the career ladder across industries, doing something that matters is an important part of nearly every job. Personally, I share an office with my employees. We talk often and ask each other about events outside our work lives, which helps us stay connected and engaged with each other.

While I can't control nor ensure employee progression, I can hire people who I believe are capable of progressing at the speed that I need them to. The points above are accurate in my experience as a female boss. Do we have more female than male employees?

Do we hire more women on purpose because they are women? I will always choose the most qualified applicant for the job and those will always be — and always have been — my hiring criteria.

The catch of being a female boss

Finding the best. We hire more entry-level positions than any other positions, and we have more women than men because the female applicants happen to outshine the male applicants more often than not.

Nonetheless, am I proud to run a company that empowers its employees and is a great place to work for women? You bet. Forbes Agency Council is an invitation-only, fee-based organization for executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies.

It’s hard to be a female boss in a male-dominated industry

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