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Doctors orders far cry 5, Far pick lady cry orders jokes

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Doctors Orders Far Cry 5

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The Geothermal Park is just north from where you recruited Sharky leftspeaking to the doctor after the area is clear starts the mission. Head to the Mastodon Geothermal Park located north of the Moonflower Trailer Park to find the area under cultist control. Pull out your binoculars from a safe distance and tag the cultists in this area, one of which is a VIP.

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Doctor's Orders is a story mission in Far Cry 5.

Finding the Doctor's Bag After you talk to the Dr. The bag is marked, dive and get the doctor's bag. As soon as you have the bag, some cultists and a helicopter will show up and attack you, destroy them all If you have Hurk Drubman Junior as an assistant, you can destroy the helicopter quite easily and give the bag to Dr. Then he will ask you some additional ingredients for his experiments.

How to get doctor's orders mission : useful links

Now, you need to find one undamaged black bear skin and two undamaged Pronghorn Skins. Finding Black Bear and Pronghorn skins?

It may happen that you already have killed black bear and pronghorns and already have their skins in your inventory, if that's the case then you just have to hand over them to Dr. You can find one near the trailer park and another one close to the Lamb of God Church. A good place to find them is in Faiths area, right next to the Feeney House on the mountain. There we can get the skins.

If you have the two Pronghorn skins and one Black Bear skin, then your mission will be updated, go to Hope Counts Prison and bring the skins to Dr. Hope Counts. Charles Lindsey. DTG Reviews.

After you talk to the Dr. First you need to hunt a black bear to get the skin. Your next target is to collect two Pronghorn skins.

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