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A hard man is good to beat.

Name: Harriott
Years: 25
Meeting with: I prefer male
Color of my eyes: Large gray-green eyes
What is my favourite music: Folk

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Welcome to the SWM Library! Here you will find a collection of some of the finest ubergirl fiction from across the web, contributed by our users. We do warn readers that some of the story content may get violent or contain very sexually explicit scenes, depending on the story and author! Authors are encouraged to provide disclaimers but please read at your own risk! Consider yourselves duly informed!

For ease of use, the titles are sorted here in 'true' alphabetical order by title. Titles beginning with 'A' and 'The' with be found under 'A' and 'T', respectively. You may filter your browsing with the letter toolbar found below.

Diana the valkyrie miscellaneous stories. you can ask sandra the valkyrie to search the library you

The 4 famous big tit stars had decided to lay waste to an army base and they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. I like women with brains and with great bodies and so she's one of my favorite heroines. I know she's not real, but that's the brain talking not the heart, which doesn't give a damn. So, when I have read fanfics, especially the erotic ones, I got tired of poor charac Invasion of the Amazons by M. Earth faces and invasion by gorgeous, super strong women Author's Note: This story originally appeared on Diana the Valkyrie's website and also Supergirls Inc.

The inspiration for it was the classic science fiction movie,"The Day the Earth Stood Still"; still one of my all-time favorites.

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I always imagined a sexy female robot in the lead. Enjoy, M. Chapter O Little more than three months had passed since she had found that belt on her bed.

She could never have imagined the consequences of putting the belt round her slim waist. She could Myndi put the fishing touches of makeup on and looked at herself in the mirror. She made sur Her head was spinning and from somewhere the voice of Professor X tried to calm her down. You have been involved in a terrible accident. The late morning sun was filtering through her blinds.

A hard man is good to beat

She moaned and turned over to face the clock. Almost eleven.

It was Sunday morning and she had nothing to do, nowhere to be. She sighed happily, hugging the covers around her.

Diana the valkyrie miscellaneous stories. a hard man is good to beat (35 photos)

Peter was gone, of course. Off fighting crime, or just snapping pi It laced a winding path through central Maine and upper parts of New Hampshire and Vermont. From desolate barns to fields stretching for eternity; from sky-reaching buildings to small homely diners; and from business to home route brought travelers, tourists, and As she ran, Christina glanced down at marvel at her legs — so long and shapely but fueled with inhuman power!

Christina again became He paused briefly at the edge of the surf taking it all in until the sound of the crashing waves was drown out by the screams coming from the water, Shark, Shark!

He turned his head in horror as he saw the ominous fin that people we Cool Stuff. Back Timelines.

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Filters changed, please click to submit when done. 1 - 10 of 5 per 10 per 20 per 30 per 50 per per per per. Busty Dusty and Friends — Part 1 Hits views. Monday, 26 June SWM Library.

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