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Descendants fanfiction beauty and the beast, I'm fanfiction for and who descendant the

Write a fanfiction; Tests for the real fan-» Movie quizzes-» Descendants. Mal is currently … FanFiction. Mal hesitantly followed Ben over to his parents.

Descendants Fanfiction Beauty And The Beast

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King Adam aka Beast is one of the supporting characters in the Descendants franchise. He is also the founder and former king of the kingdom of Auradon. He's one of the heroes and he is also the husband of Bellethe father of Benand the father-in-law of Mal. Beast is also the deuteragonist of Disney's animated feature film, Beauty and the Beast. A handsome young prince named Adam lives in a luxurious palace in the French countryside.

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I love this prompt so much, bu t I have tried so many times to write it. So this is my fourth, and final, attempt to complete this. Hostile and intimidatingMr. Deely had said, Evie is quick to manipulate other students. She had taken refuge in a familiar room, sought comfort in her books, and planned on the facility being empty on a weekend.

Descendants fanfiction mal and belle

She had been right at first, curled up with a book way too advanced for her new age - if Belle had to guess, she would say she was right around 10 or 11 - as Fairy Godmother flitted around her office for a cure. Belle was substantially less worried than the head mistress.

Her husband was a beast when they first met and had been so for several years prior, locked in a castle with talking furniture. Being reverted to her child self in a school she helped transform was hardly a damaging spell. As the queen, Belle would have held her head high and began polite chatter, she was the adult and Evie was the child after all.

But under the de-aged spell, their roles were reversed and Belle is ificantly more vulnerable. Are you lost?

Beauty, beauty, beast

Evie huffs and tries to suppress an eye-roll that Belle still catches. She has many responsibilities as a queen and wishes she had the time to interact with the students more. When a thin boy with black and white hair popped his head out from behind a book shelf, Belle could hear the voice of other teachers in her head. Uninterested in class, antisocial, difficult to interact with.

Other than his outstanding intelligence, teachers had very few positive things to say about Carlos De Vil. Do you want to come get lunch with us? The smart choice would be to say no, stay in the safety of the library and wait for Fairy Godmother to find her and use a spell to transform her back.

De-aging worked up quite the appetite. She nods, pushes herself to her feet and dutifully placing her book back on the shelf, brushing off her dress in the process.

Belle hesitates for only a moment. No child should be wandering around a boarding school unattended, especially with the size of Auradon Prep. As they walk to the cafeteria, Belle berates herself quietly. She should not have expectations of children.

Especially of children she has never met. They get to the door and Carlos, who spent their walk talking quietly with Evie, opens the door for both of them. Evie pats his arm, but Belle stops and looks up at him.

Carlos startles at her voice, looks at her, but not at her, and smiles weakly. There is one aspect his teachers have correct: Carlos is entirely uninterested in her. Or in everyone, if how he avoids eye contact in the food line is an indicator, except for Evie. Evie gently hands her a tray, le Belle through the line and asks what she wants from every section. Carlos mumbles something to Evie. Belle politely tunes him out, knowing that if this was something Carlos wanted her to hear, he would include her in the conversation.

Or just Carlos and I? Belle turns and studies the rest of the cafeteria.

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Very few students are still on school grounds for the weekend, she spots purple hair quickly. The teachers at Auradon Prep have the most conflict with Mal, saying she challenges their authority and snaps at other students.

Ben has reported nothing of the sort and Belle trusts her son more than anyone else. She glances down at her tray, where fruit, a sandwich and a cookie are resting. They follow behind him to a table where Mal and Jay have been watching them.

Carlos takes a seat next to Jay and Evie next to Mal, with enough space for Belle to sit on the end. Belle studies him curiously. He is a much different boy sitting beside the other Isle kids, a change that took place so quickly that Belle hardly sees the quiet child who refused to meet her eyes just a minute ago. Carlos still pays her little attention, but he leans into Jay and smiles at Mal. He clearly has interest in his friends. Belle tucks that away for later thought.

Maybe she can get through this whole day with only half-lies? Evie holds her fork and knife properly, small bites, but eating rather quickly. Mal, from what Belle can see, eats just as quick as the boys, holding her tray close to her.

She has several strawberries on her plate; Belle recalls Ben ordering more strawberries specifically for her. The children together are unlike what the teachers have described. There is teasing and a crude joke or two, but there is no hostility. No venom, no disgraceful behavior or malice.

Jay and Carlos grin at each other through the meal, sometimes asking Belle short questions like her favorite subject or if she wears pajamas to class. Carlos speaks eagerly to Jay about a new invention, speaking boldly and using words that are bigger than and Belle is awed by how much of her father she sees in the small boy.

The furthest from her, Mal, engages Belle in conversation a few times. She sees the girl her son adores so much. Mal is clearly unaccustomed to small talk and pleasantries, but she tries her best and genuinely smiles a couple of times. She is never snippy or cold, she is a little awkward, but making an effort to extend kindness. Belle munches quietly on her fruit, observing these children through the eyes of herself.

I tried so many times to write this and I have no idea what was wrong with me.

Jaylos and Bal included please. Are we going to lunch or are we holing out in here for the whole day?

Nothing else? Elle, this is Mal and Jay. Like the letter?