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Corrupt the world cyoa, Elite world the Corrupt guy to cyoa

The hero has cornered the vicious monster. It's taken out everyone who has confronted it thus far, and the hero seems like no exception.

Corrupt The World Cyoa

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Check out our Chrome extension to automatically restore deleted content on Reddit. I want to hear what your favorite CYOA are.

Name: Jennifer
Years old: 25
Ethnic: Icelandic
Color of my hair: Flaxen
My Sign of the zodiac: Capricorn
Other hobbies: I like singing

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Fallen world - hope and corruption

Before video games, before social media, and before authors figured out how to s sequentially, there were only Adventure Books! three brave? Will we be pulled on a mystical journey through time? Fight off Nazis?

Be Sucked into a comic book?! Well prospective listener, that's for you to find out, when The Choice Is Ours!

My new cyoa

Available episodes. Jul 31, Are you prepared for an intense examination of the horrors of human trafficking and mob bosses that may or may not be killer robots?

Neither were any of us! Richie as he takes Brent and Christian through a book we assumed was going to be a fun martial arts adventure!

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Well before we were drawn into a nightmare fueled world of assassination attempts, gang tattoos, and flat out bloody murder. Think twice before taking that martial arts class, and strap in for terror on the latest and very late, at that episode of The Choice Is Ours!

Mar 24, After a brief break involving college and quite literally forgetting to finished episodes, the boys are back, and they're ready to rumble! Will we see our name in lights up on the big screen?

Rwby stories

Will Vince ever stop abusing Cocaine? Is Dr. Isaac Yankem back and aware that we haven't been flossing? Find out the answers? Jan 18, Cobra's strike first!

Review: metahuman inc.

Stingray's lie in wait! And podcast episodes get corrupted by jerks named "Craig". Brent as he takes Richie and Christian through a second attempt at becoming Karate masters, outsmarting the Yakuza, and stopping an evil Karate Cult from taking over the world! Just between you and me?

I don't like our odds! Nov 29, Oh no! Christian and Brent missed the bus due the meddling of that Black Flame Dragon: Horace, but on the bright side, comic books! Richie as he guides the boys through a tale of disgruntled comic store owners, inexplicable magic powers, terrible comic book parody names and a fathoms deep journey into the dank basement maze that we assume exists below every comic book store in the world! Nov 22, You're going to be late for school and the only way to make it there in time is a trek through the woods with your cousin!

Us on discord!

Sound simple and platonic? I regret to inform you that you should guess again!

Brent as he takes Richard and Christian through a bot driven nightmare of a CYOA book, full of rat royalty, raw yogurt, Brad, and a lead character openly horny for his own cousin! Sand down those hands and get ready for an adventure nobody could ever possibly forget!

Believe us, we tried! Nov 15, Did you ever wonder what would happen if you ate that peanut butter and jelly that comes in the same jar?

If your best guess involved being harassed by the ever looming spectre of a beating, becoming your own uncle, or hitting a baseball so hard you accidentally kill someone, then I guess you're more astute than we ever were! Richie as he takes Brent and Christian on a vacation down to Thiccville, where the bullies are mean, the food is magical, and stray gunshots may or may not be a fact of life. As we take our latest literary journey, into the R. Nov 6, Marvel briefly at all the incredible adventures such a concept could entail, then enjoy listening as this job focused, exceedingly OSHA Compliant adventure delivers none of them!

Will Christian and Richie ever be able to find their way home to Snakebite Canyon? Will Uncle Ted be mad at us if we decide to counterfeit the British Pound?

And will our adventurers decide to trust the immediately least trustworthy man they've ever met? Find out these answers and more as we crawl our way through the crudely dug temporal escape tunnel that is: The Cave of Time!