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Consensual clown league, League clown pick men consensual for lapdance

Would watch out if hes not on shaco he'll either smurf or int you so hard you'll contemplate submitting a ticket ChaseShaco shaco : not too much to say about him, 1v9s some games as shaco and isn't toxic to me at least Scrubnoob rengar : I think there might actually be something wrong with him irl, I swear 2 years ago or so he was actually nice as Fuck and never inted at least my games. I open his stream after game and he opens a folder of clips he has of himself killing me as late game master yi. I will never forget watching his stream years ago and watching him spam ping someone for 40 minutes straight this was before you could mute pings and they were loud as FUCK.

Consensual Clown League

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He was ly known as Clown. This table shows up to the 10 most recent .

Name: Mina
Years old: 30
Ethnic: I'm ecuadorian
Available to: I like man
My hair: Reddish
Languages: English, Romanian
Figure features: My body features is fat

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I literally said that but look look at this screen I'm in top lane man I got top I typed on top literally like I and I took ignite cuz I'm top and then this guy walks in irelia like I'm sorry but you go fuck yourself.

Jim feel like winning was in the mood to be fair I'm an NA it's hard all right this guy's griefing by the way like I just saw him put the board on he doesn't predict a Juke at all griefing and then this flash is. Clips like this that are taking complete out of context you know what I mean like he really are and this part we all need to hear it no one cares yes crypt you know dick Harper lost this game right yes fucking crypt on his team refused fashionably.

Auto here because I'm an ape but then he stood there and died anyways I don't know I don't fullscreen it I think it's because I everyone hates me a person is sona should prolly get permanently banned it's whatever happens to the best of us in fact.

I think he did get bad for that one this is a good clip it's cold you just walk up some fifty fifty a skill-shot dodge and if you get it right you win and Oh fifty fifty did nice we want like it wasn't even good now stupid clip next one this guy you get. I'm a subhuman nice my team ended up coming bought because they got mad at me ah this is one of the worst clips I've ever seen in my life as in not from me from the enemy team they just let this guy die.

Washington watch it he just hovers over my IG like dude this guy this guy's so emotional he has no clue he hovers over my name is like King Clemente just doesn't know what's going on keeping your PTA at second mark. Oh or whatever whatever I'll just are adding fuck it boys I fucking mute this alright he dealt like plus liandry's legislate hundred damage okay three to four I'll just show it fuck it okay so you know he dealt like pose that's fair and then he hits me for a that's pretty good.

Duoking Plays Leona. Duoking1 Smurfing in Master.

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