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Chuck sex stories, I would like Chuck story who loves sex

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Chuck Sex Stories

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I am Sanju from chandigarh. Ye story meri elder sister Rashmi ki hai. Ek din maine use ek hotel se ek ladke ke saath nikalte dkh liya jo hotel sirf chudai ke kaam ane ke liye badnaam tha.

Name: Jorie
Years old: I'm 26 years old
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Posted Mon 16th of February Report. Introduction: Carina teaches Chuck seduction by picking up Sarah in a bar. Answer to prompt from Porn Battle XI. So when Carina came to town for a visit to see her best friend and find out how her new relationship with Chuck, or as Carina put it, "ongoing romps in the hay with the cute nerd Chuckie" was going, Sarah saw an opportunity for a learning experience for Chuck. When Sarah proposed the idea of having Carina pick up a guy while her and Chuck sat nearby and watched and listened through open comms, Chuck was a little hesitant. I love you too much to chuck you like that", Chuck explained.

Wiping away a few tears at the heartfelt confession, Sarah responded "I love you too Chuck. So much. But just so you know actual sex with a mark is hardly ever required for the types of missions we would be sex on. The only time actual sex is a must is on long term deep cover asments, but for what our team does that would never be an option".

Chuck gave her a relieved but confused look, "But with how Casey and Carina talk and the situation with Lon Kirk, I just assumed that it was something that all stories did".

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Sarah frowned at the memory, "I am so sorry what I put you through back then. I can never apologize enough to make it up to you but you need to know that I would have never gone that far with him. In fact I have never gone beyond some heavy petting with a mark, probably slightly past second base. And I never will go that far, especially now that we're together.

Ideally even second base is off limits now". The grin on Chucks face couldn't be contained as he grabbed Sarah and kissed her so hard she though their lips might be bleeding.

Carina, standing by watching the display with lust in her eyes, hatched an idea. Chuckles here won't learn anything from watching me seduce a guy. But I have another idea", Carina explained conspiratorially. Sarah, ever on guard around her very unpredictable and spontaneous best friend eyed her wearily, responding with a cautious "And what would that be?

Momentarily caught off guard, it took Sarah a few seconds to sex but chuck she did, Carina found herself on the floor with her arm painfully twisted behind her back. Knowing full well what he must be thinking she quickly attempted to explain herself. I kind of went though somewhat of a wild phase during my CAT Squad days". Seeing Chuck was having a hard time responding, a snort was heard coming from Carina's general vicinity, followed by a very amused "What's wrong Chuckie, CAT got your tongue? Or are you just upset you got my sloppy seconds" Chuck immediately went story red and started fumbling over his words while Sarah stared daggers at her best friend and as Chuck recently learned, ex-partner with benefits.

Seeing Chuck struggle with the news, Sarah pulled Chuck away from Carina. I had just recently undergone my transformation from ugly social outcast to a woman who actually got quite a bit of attention. I was inexperienced and I got caught up in all the attention.

They got me to open up and be more social" Sarah was talking a mile a minute and didn't even hear Chuck when he spoke. Sarah shook herself out of her panicked tirade and asked him to repeat himself.

What he asked next made her want to laugh. No I'm not a lesbian I just find girls physically attractive but I've never had any romantic feelings towards them. I guess I'm bisexual but your the first person I've ever loved, so no definitely not a lesbian".

Chuck immediately relaxed and chuckled a bit and Sarah felt she could finally breath. He pulled her into a hug and after standing in the embrace for a few minutes he leaned down and whispered into her sex, "You have no idea what imagining you with Carina does to me and I can only imagine your story teammates were very beautiful as well. At the risk of sounding like every other male in the world, that is so hot". Hearing this caused Sarah's head to snap up and she looked at him with a surprised and somewhat lustful look in her eyes she had to ask, "Really?

I can't really explain it but chuck of you with another guy is so painful, but thinking of you doing that with another or several other beautiful woman? Let's just say that's not my tranq gun poking you in the stomach" Chuck explained while blushing at the last part.

What Sarah said next had Chuck blushing and stuttering like his usual nerdy self. Something that Sarah chuck incredibly endearing and loved. She can pretend to be the guy and I'll be sex naive, horny girl looking to get her freak on. Then maybe you can the three of us and we can take this seduction farther than I've ever gone before, and ever will. Although I can't story this will be Carina's first time putting out for a seduction mission" Sarah whispered huskily into Chucks ear, causing his knees to almost buckle.

Sarah responded with a sultry look and said in a voice full of desire and wanton lust, "Oh yeah this is going to be so much fun. Follow my lead, I want to mess with Carina a little bit before we propose anything. Oh and I love you so much". Sarah then gave him a very passionate kiss that left them both breathless and wanting more.

They then went story to their room, where Carina had decided to try on some of Sarah's clothes and was currently stripping out of a very elegant dress, leaving her in a skimpy lingerie set. After explaining the plan to Carina, she proceeded to celebrate by kissing and groping both Chuck and Sarah, before story dressed in another of Sarah's elegant yet sexy dresses, while Chuck and Sarah simultaneously stripped and got chuck themselves, and the three headed sex to the bar.

Once they got to the bar, Sarah sat at the bar while Chuck and Carina went and sat at a booth. Carina explained the ways to read a mark to find the best way of approaching the seduction. She told him what most women like to hear and even demonstrated where they liked to be touched. After awhile Carina got up from the booth with ear wig in and approached Sarah who was sitting at the bar. Sitting next to Sarah at the bar, Carina ordered a martini, shaken with three olives. Sarah cringed at the thought of olives but chuck she could think of anything else she heard Chuck through the open comm telling Carina that she didn't like olives and probably didn't want to kiss her sex olive breath, which just made Sarah fall a little harder for the curly haired nerd.

With a snort from Carina and a change in the drink order, the seduction began. Carina started by introducing herself as some medical sales rep that was in the city for a sales meeting. Of course Carina managed to sneak in how the type of medical equipment she sold was for the plastic surgery industry, which naturally made her an expert on the female body.

Which lead to her telling Sarah, "There is not a thing I'd change about you. You are the definition of perfection".

Which although chuck a bit cheesy, Chuck agreed completely and he made his agreement known over the comms, which earned him a "Shut it Chuckles" from Carina followed by some giggles from Sarah, eluding to the fact that the numerous Sex on the Beaches were starting to have their effect. From then Carina moved in closer and began running her hand along Sarah's inner thigh, while occasionally stealing a kiss and whispering in her ear things like, "I'd love to get that dress off of you so I can see what perfect specimen you truly are", which had Chuck squirming in his seat at the realization his pants just got extremely tight.

After sex half an hour of heavy petting an whispered dirty talk, followed by a good three minute make out session that had the majority of the bar staring slack jawed, Sarah and Carina made there way to the exit with a very flustered Chuck on their heals. The drive home was full of excitement as Chuck could barely keep his eyes off the rear view mirror. Carina had Sarah laid down in the story seat and had thrown her panties onto the dash in front of Chuck before he even got out of the parking lot to the bar.

In thirty seconds she had Sarah moaning and writhing around the back seat as she ate her pussy. As Carina continued to eat her out Sarah was moaning words of encouragement. Ohhhh yeah baby right there mmmm".

To say Chuck was having a hard time concentrating on driving would be an understatement. But they eventually got home but not before Sarah was able to cum, which culminated in a very loud "Oh fuuuuck Carina I'm cummminggg!!! The trip from the car to Carina's hotel room was somewhat of a blur to Chuck. The trip from the car to the elevator was made in record time due to the lustful anticipation.

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As soon as the elevator doors closed, both Sarah and Carina pinned Chuck up against the back of the elevator and proceeded to press their bodies as tightly as they could against Chuck and grind into him, effectively each humping one of his thighs, while simultaneously sharing a three way kiss followed by alternating quick but intense makeout sessions until the elevator got to Carina's floor and they hurried to her room to further their chuck activities.

Once in the confines of the hotel room all hell seemed to break sex. Clothes were torn and thrown around the room. Chucks suit jacket with Sarah's soaking wet panties in the pocket was thrown on the story. Sarah's elegant yet sexy cocktail dress knocked over a lamp.

And Carina's bra and panties somehow ended up on the hotel rooms ceiling light fixture. Everything happened so fast for Chuck the next thing he knew he was laying on the bed completely naked with Sarah and Carina staring down on him with feral looks in their eyes.

Carina taking the time to finally break through her lust filled haze zeroed in on the soon to be object of her pleasure.

She let out an inaudible gasp followed by a "Holy shit Walker! No wonder why your so taken with the nerd". Sitting in front of her, in all its 9 inch glory was one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen. She was so turned on by what she saw that she immediately felt her juices dripping down her leg, followed by a very audible moan of anticipation. Chuck flushed at the complement while Sarah let out a very unladylike snort followed by "While I have no doubt that you have seen plenty male parts in your day and while I'm aware that Chuck has the sexiest, most delicious looking cock I've ever seen.

That is not even in the top ten reasons I'm with him. It just happens to be an extremely large bonus" Sarah teased seductively as she ran her hand up and down Chucks member, stopping at the tip to collect some precum on her finger and licking it clean very suggestively, before further remarking, "And he's the best tasting you'll ever have too.

I honestly don't know how I got so lucky". Chuck and Sarah gazed lovingly into one another's eyes as he said, "Believe me baby I'm the lucky one", before pulling her into a kiss that conveyed just how much they loved each other.

Carina already bored with the display of feelings, wasted no more time in seeking out what she wanted. Without another thought she ran her tongue from the base of his cock to the tip and followed that up by taking sex much of the 9 inch rod into her mouth as she could and began bobbing her head in a frantic attempt to appease her growing appetite for the sexiest cock she had ever seen. As Carina took him into her mouth for the first time Chuck was forced to separate from the passionately erotic kiss he was sharing with Sarah and gasp at the sight of his giant member disappearing into Carina's mouth, which was followed by many pleasurable moans.

HI OH!!! Reluctantly disengaging from her new story treat she threatened, with her finger still firmly placed up his ass "I don't appreciate coming in second, especially where bedroom activities are concerned". Pulling her finger chuck, she conceded "Since I'm at an unfair advantage, I'll just have to make the competition as close as possible, right blondie?