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Buffy willow fan fiction, I am fiction up Buffy that loves fan

Buffy and Willow met on Buffy's first day at Sunnydale High and soon became best friends.

Buffy Willow Fan Fiction

Online: Yesterday


Rating: NC Summary: Willow and Buffy body swap. A rose by any other name, still has thorns.

Name: Alice
My age: 20

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Check out the new stories on the Pink Rabbit Consortium. Buffy: The Vampire Slayer -- Angel. Buffy, Willow and Tara have other ideas. At least 6 months down the road, where Willow has to make another life changing decision, very reminiscent of her decision to stay in SunnyD back in 'Choices'.

What happens when the letters find their way into Willow's hands? So much for waiting. It is one of two prequels that lead into my series, "Slayers, Inc. It takes place in the summer after season 5, and sets up the beginning of the series. To the death. But Spike and Rack are still out there. Told from Buffy's POV. Some angst, but not a whole lot. Tara reveals her secret, and points out where Willow's heart really belongs. What is the secret of Mr.

Buffy finds out. Now, a new slayer has arrived, a new evil is awake and Willow and the rest of the Scoobs have one opportunity to rescue Buffy from Hell. But what are these strange dreams that Buffy is having?

Who is the mysterious Mr. Where do Spike and Darla figure? And what happened to Faith? Can an old friend help her heal at last? Can even the Power of Three save her and Buffy from a vengeful spirit? This follows the story "Sway.