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Bill nye fanfiction, Elitesingles nye look up men fanfiction courtship

We tried to keep it clean, but you might want to avoid sharing these stories with younger readers anyway.

Bill Nye Fanfiction

Online: Yesterday


Fanfiction is like sashimi. However… what really gets me is the s. There are millions of stories on fanfiction. Literally millions. How do that many people feel passionate enough about a given work to do that?

Name: Liv
Years: I am 23
Where am I from: Slovak
Who do I prefer: Male
Tint of my eyes: Dark gray eyes
Hobbies: Fishing
Piercing: None

Views: 69697

That is just all kinds of awesome.

Superman, Bill Nye vs. T-Rex by BoxHetudio.

It took me a while, but I finally came up with an answer: this fic really needs a wall of dialogue. Luckily for us all, the author was more than happy to oblige with episode 3!


But before we charge headfirst into this murky pool of dialogue, once again the author has provided a very poignant note on the chapter that must be shared. Read the rest of this entry ». Now, does everyone remember when I mentioned last week that I thought our author, Slinky, might have a little pent-up resentment to Bill Nye due to being forced to watch his show in her science class?

If not, go back and read my entry last week.

Ok, seriously, why do these authors insist on doing these regurgitative profiles? Luckily, Slinky here decided to take things to a whole new level of failure.

Instead of posting and filling out the usual smorgasbord of questionnaires, she decided to do a single questionnaire and use titles of songs to answer the questions. Luckily she did it in such a way as to be entirely incomprehensible.

The terrible crossover fanfiction generator

Wait, what? Someone drew fan art of Bill Nye? You bet your protons they did!

The artist is jjengo and you may find this picture, along with his DA Gallery, here. A few positive points on this: If it were proportionate, it would be considerably less painful to look at, and that hand is actually very well drawn. Hands are my worst point when it comes to drawing so I tend to notice a well-drawn hand when it presents itself.

Apart from that, this looks very little like the actual Bill Nye. It looks a little more like a frat-boy dressing up as Bill for Halloween. His gallery is fairy well done, if incredibly creepy in the facial expressions of the guys he draws.

The fascinating statistics of fanfiction

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