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Bhm weight gain stories, I'd gain weight Bhm that story stilettos

It was a pair of size 36 green camo shorts, but this brand tends to fit a bit small and … Trey sighed again. At least, not anymore.

Bhm Weight Gain Stories

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Name: Debor
Age: I am 62
Nationality: Ecuadorian
Sexual preference: Male
What is my hair: Gray
Figure type: I'm strong
Other hobbies: Sailing
Piercing: None

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You did such an amazing job eating so much for me. I think you deserve a reward. How does lots of gentle rubs and kisses sound?

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I had a feeling you would like that. Your belly is so sexy and round now. All that food really stretched you out, and you wouldn't stop eating till it was all gone. You make me so proud to see how hard you pushed yourself. You always surprise me when your eat past your limits.

You end up looking like you are going to explode while you moan through fattining foods. I just want to make sure your safe and enjoying yourself, but I can't help wanting to push you to eat more too.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I love watching you be an adorable fatty for me. Let me rub your achy full belly.

Its the least I can do since you were so good today. I hope you will have room for dessert later.

Its your favorite. Aww, I know you are too full to think about another bite, but I want to see you get too full to breath. I know you like it when I shove handfuls of in your greedy mouth. I like it too. Seeing you whimper and beg me to stop is so adorable. You are just one big cute ball of blubber. I love every inch of your growing body. Thank you for being such a good fatty for me today.

Get some rest and we can make you massive again later. I never claimed I was a sweet unicorn, ok thanks bye! Imagine being used as a sort of feeding tube for another feedee. For the most part you simply lay there in a pool of your own plush comfort, occupied by the goal of expanding and distracted with some harmless tv programming on a monitor in another corner. You enjoy being taken care of with no thoughts or decisions of your own to make.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Keep reading. More that I or they could tangibly embrace, possibly grow from kindness, love, tacos, and unobstructed acceptance? Being a larger person is sometimes a choice, sometimes not, but regardless, acceptance of it comes with making peace with some of the risks. You come home after a long, exhaustive, irritating day at work. Traipsing up your steps your hand fumbles for the light-switch, clicking it on. Well, at least you try to.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

No light appears. Grumbling under your breath and growing sweaty under your clothes, you go about opening all the windows and then changing out of the restrictive clothing your office still insists you wear despite there only being maybe 3 people in the entire office on any given day. After all, that Tillamook was not on sale when you bought it. Hmm, you do have that little grill out on the patio. You probably look a sight, that chubby neighbor with no fucks given as they flaunt their plump body for the whole world to see.

Really though, who cares?

Today's birthday

Is it really so hard for people to mind their own business? The veggies are the first to be appreciated, going down easily, savory and done perfectly. You start in on the spicy, blackened chicken next, your stomach already bloated beyond belief but still willing to take some delicious barbecue. They tasted too good!

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What else would you have done? More like, packed to the gills with zero vacancy. A conquerer of the soon-to-go-bad-foods, if you will. There are frozen waffles that probably need to be consumed, along with fries, taquitos, chicken tenders, and a whole slew of other snack foods that you could probably get creative on the grill with. After that, you could go through the dairy foods—cheese and milk first, obviously.

Maybe you could make a bunch of sandwiches to get rid of that tub of mayonnaise hidden in the back of the fridge. On second thought, you could totally use that as a condiment for any of those aforementioned snacks, too.

Damn, just thinking about that has you fantasizing about all the yummy things you could make in that magical, fridgerated box. You suddenly have all sorts of cravings, each one sounding more enticing than the last.

Cursing to yourself, you remain right where you are since the idea of moving sounds impossible what with your near-bursting stomach. Can you write one more bbw orientated with a male feeder using quarantine to fatten the reader up? Exhaling in relief, Scott slipped through the front door of the apartment and ripped off his stifling mask, immediately dropping the groceries on the ground and making a beeline to the kitchen sink to wash his hands.

Any relief he felt quickly dried up soon as he heard the sniffling coming from the living room. Chest panging with empathy, he swiftly finished up in the kitchen and headed toward the source of the sniffles. His heart lurched at the sight of his story sitting prostrate on the couch, tears spilling down her cherubic face as she watched another building go up Bhm flames. Every day brought worse news and even more terrifying headlines, and now it seemed like the world out their apartment window had gone to real hell what with everything going on.

She broke into a weight round of sobs while Scott plunked down on the couch next to her, immediately gain his arms around her plump frame. He felt for her, he really did. For everyone in all honesty.

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So many terrible things were happening, things they had no control over and could only watch as pain from a dauntless amount of ills surfaced across the world. It was as if the entire world had lit itself on fire. Considered an essential worker, Scott had continued going to work as usual, wearing his mask in an effort to do his part, kept his distance from others, and in general plodded on through the miserable existence the world suddenly found itself in. He could see how frightened she and so many others had become and it broke his heart.

Squeezing her tightly into his side, he pressed several kisses against her temple and smoothed out her hair. For just a bit. Shrimp risotto and veggies—your favorite. Scott knew she had an excellent appetite, and if it helped keep her from fretting then he was more than happy to ply her with food. Tilting her rounded chin up, he offered her a warm smile. Blinking big, teary eyes at him, Nina finally nodded. She seemed a bit less terrified of the outside world, even going so far as to reach for the remote herself and switching the TV to Netflix.

Thank you. Imagine: A masterpiece of a human creation walking past you at the pool, their flesh jiggling with each step on the unforgiving, glistening wet concrete. Trendy sunglasses giving them a haughty Bhm as their weights swing unapologetically, like they own the place. Shrieking kids scrambling out of their way as they slowly waddle past, revealing a delectable backside that glimmers with a slight sheen of sweat under the sun. Reaching the story end and gingerly stepping down into the sparkling water, a gorgeous smile lighting up their well-rounded face at the cooling sensation.

Someone who knows you really, really enjoy eating and does their best to keep you satiated whether your stomach growls or not. A partner who enjoys sizing you up before and after meals, pleased with progress of any gain regardless if it sticks. Crouches at your side to gain a different perspective of your steadily increasing girth, from your overstuffed toes to the double chin pillowing around your neck.

Who is turned on not only by your stunning, billowing figure whether it be on the couch, in bed, or while walking up the curb to your favorite restaurant, but also by your charming demeanor and ability to be pleased with the simple pleasures in life.