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Aunt betty rocks, I picking men who aunts betties

Hamboussi and Joya worked as a drummer-guitarist duo in small bands before the addition of Taylor completed the original lineup.

Aunt Betty Rocks

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Aunt Betty travels with a top notch lighting and sound system, plus a crew to set up and run things behind the scenes. Aunt Betty is comprised of seasoned professional musicians who are serious about the show, and will be a prompt and reliable act for your event! Aunt Betty is high energy on stage, and we encourage audience participation, and make the crowd part of the show. We are responsible, punctual individuals and bring those qualities to our shows.

Name: Ellyn
Years old: I'm 46 years old
Where am I from: I'm australian
Sign of the zodiac: Leo
Hobbies: Fishkeeping
Smoker: Yes

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I swear my parents have the best taste in music. Thanks mom for showing me this song! I love MC Rut. Sadly I only just found this today. I listen to the one with the music video 4 or 5 times and now I'm here to listen to it without the breaks. Just a friends : an anoynymous Mcr fan; Big fan of all rock from the rolling stones to acdc to pink floyd, all im saying is mcr been my fave band for almost ten years now and they damn sure made the cut. Never to be confused with Janes addiction, who I never play, rather I jam it up to these guys instead Usually behind? I just I'm always at least a damn decade behind.

Most the time the bands are usually broken up or members are dead by the time I find a band.

I love the chorus, it's exactly how I feel after moving tons of beer all day Dust off the gears that move this machine 'cause they feel so old, they don't work no more. They were perfect live when I saw them. Sounded just like the studio recordings actual maybe even a little bit better!

Saw these guys at desert uprising. They were fuckin amazing, definitely drew a crowd.

Met them in concert and just pushed my way backstage like i belonged there met them and there truely awesome guys! Just saw these guys yesterday at Uproar They sound chaotic and incredible with the two percussionists. Similar spirit to Jane's Addiction but they have their own thing going on.

I bought their CD at Uproar and got the singer and guitarist to it. Glad I bought it these guys have some awesome songs. The distortion is intended, they use it live as well. For this particular track.

Aunt betty rocks motorhe this friday night!

Just like Aunt Betty's view of the world is distorted? Get it? I agree too with the combo theory, and the best of each group too. Yeah man, even though they sound like a bunch of my favorite bands? I like these dudes. Heard this on the radio on 89x last week. I fell in love with this song, I fucking love it. I liked the darker vibe on Indians.

I hope there's more songs like that on the new album.

Saw 'em at BuzzFest in Houston. These fuckers stole the show, on the side stage. Jane's Addiction and Filter, absolutely. Good call. Those two bands were in there heyday when I was a teenager and were two of my favorites. Probably why I like Middle Class Rut so much.

I have been thinking Janes Addiction. Glad to see others are hearing the same thing! I'm so happy to find out that you guys are coming to the SC again on the 9th of July! I think it sounds more like Jane's meets Filter. The guitar player for Rage dug into it a little more, so did the drummer, so yeah.

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Jane's vs. Actually, maybe Stabbing Westward meets Perry Farrell? That may be more it. That's my final vote. Stabbing Westward with Perry Ferrell on vocals. If this song is any indication, Pick Up Your Head is gonna be freaking fantastic! Can't wait! Great guys!

Heard this on the radio at 2am. Thought to myself, "Is this new Jane's Addiction? Cuz it doesn't suck that the new Jane's Addiction. And if they sound a bit like Jane's, then good, because at one point Jane's kicked ass. Nicely done Adamsmasher I give an opinion of a released piece of music which sounds so blatantly unoriginal that it could be the very definition of creative theft, and you come back with the unbeatable "Killed yourself yet? I'm still trying to figure out What the hell you are talking about!?? To answer your question, No.

I haven't.

I'm not sure why I'd want to. Great come back! I particularly enjoyed the "jerk-off" put down. I don't think I'll ever be able to match that.

Fri aug 06 at pm

Well done Nv. What's the point? You sound about as pompous and arrogant as you look. I always wondered what was the point of inificant idiots like you who contribute nothing in life besides belittling others, jerk-off. I heard it for the first time on the radio today and for a moment thought it was them. I mean, yeah take what you can, but without the direct beauty and soulful delivery of PF this is just a lame pastiche regurgitating music from 20 years ago.

If you have a look at it honestly, you might ask yourself the question: "What's the Point?

Excited for this record to come out. Looking forward to see this band on their own tour, as well. Video needs an epilepsy warning. The first time I heard the song I thought it was Jane's Addiction. Sukhdev singh. Troy Greenwood. Super Seem.

Aunt betty rocks motorhe this friday night!

David Smith. Ruben Dozal. Ethen Brown.

Sky Eldridge. Mikie Wall.

Tony Tyler.