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Annabelles couples night, I'd like look Annabelles guy who couple tequila

The following happened at Annabelles one Sat.

Annabelles Couples Night

Online: Yesterday


I want too start out by saying this is the Best Adult Store ive ever been In.

Name: Emmalynne
My age: 26
Available to: Hetero
Sign of the zodiac: Capricorn
Smoker: No

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Couple's Flash Report! This report, from Alexis and her hubby who has contributed here in the pasthas a main report and an epilogue, so read through both parts.

And now we have this report, so folks, draw your own conclusions. I am also posting an exclusive photo gallery of The Amazing Alexis in a stand alone report later this afternoon. These pics are pretty amazing, and you really deserve to see them. So kids, take some notes on the following report on Annabelle's Couples, save your money.

Ask miss annabelle

I just returned from Annabelle's. We had been in the store over an hour shopping and I was trying on outfits, when a man who was unquestionably gaycame out of the theater and pulled his phone out of his pocket and starting talking on it walking around the store. The gay man laughed and said "I know that's why I walked out here". My husband said then "We have been run out of here for less", he turned to the gay man and said "I thought when you answered that phone they would throw you out.

Annabelle's Winston-Salem, NC Shocked, my husband said to all 3 of the staff, "Is there a double standard here for straight and gay people? If you do not then it is clearly a double standard.

Adult annabelles supercenter

For the record, we are swingers and our "Bull" was who was with me was not supposed to take pictures and that was not the plan. I have not meet him since, because of the disrespect. There was also another man in there with his phone taking pictures, I have no idea who he was. And we left, pretty sure that we will never go back. And Annabelle's couples night is really the worst event in 12 years of swinging that we have seen. There is no action on couples night.

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a swingers club and watch porn with real swingers, It is much better in our opinion Epilogue Doc here again Alexis e-mailed me after sending in her report with this follow-up: Doc. Just spoke to the owner. Thought you would like to add this Seems like some employees have to explaining to do. Everything is on tape and he has seen it all and is not happy. He was very friendly and apologized several times for his staff's unprofessional treatment of us.

Couple's flash report! another negative review from annabelle's in winston-salem, nc by alexis and hubby

Maybe the staff has double standards, but the owner does not!!! Doc here again One of the many challenges in this thing of ours is finding a friendly place to enjoy the scene. And a big part of it is the conduct of the staff at adult theaters and ABSs. In my years I have pretty much seen it all, from the best of the best The Art Cinema in Hartford, Toledo's Westwood Theatre of the Artsto the worst of the worst I won't name names here, but may some day. guest review guidelines

From the feedback of Alexis and Velvet Skye, I'm thinking based on their s Annabelle's belongs in that second group, which is a real shame. Hopefully the owner will do something to get a handle on this situation, but time will be only way to tell. I have noted in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database that Annabelle's is not couple's friendlyand that remains until proof comes through to me that this situation has changed. This BlogThis!

Annabelle's adult supercenter

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Home Older Post. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Follow Us. Popular Posts. Doc here with another great first-time report, this time from GentleTongue. You will enjoy his writing style, as I did when editing the re Doc here with a fantastic first time Couple's Flash report from the very sexy 0wlishly.

This report is a turner folks, so I sugges Doc here with a quick update from the first couple to ever contribute to The Journal of Adult Theaters, Alex and Lauren. Their website, 1P Field Report!

Gay cruising

Here we go Flash Report! Doc here with a great Flash Report from 2nd time contributor, Richie Rich.

Doc here with a great Field Report by first time contributor, Foxes Hound. His hunting ground on this expedition is the Berlin News Agency Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from ITravel69who last week was kind enough to provide a detailed Field Report with seating diagr Doc here with a negative review from one of the more popular adult theaters on the west coast: The Jolar Cinema in San Diego. It seems tha TuiGirl No. The Bayou Boudreaux at Bilo Sunday Brunch with Hawaiian Eyeful Upcoming Visit!

The Bayou Boudreaux at Biloxi's Gu Brent from Portland's "Thanks for th Freeze Frame! Call For Reports! ATrampboy at Pleasures on Platte in Nanner Hits Barnett Avenue Superstor New Poll!

Another Negative Review Fro Special Announcement! Brent's "50 Shades of Renee" Report The Watcher Hits 15th Avenue in Chic Gloryhole Nancy The Westw Renee Submits To The Paris Hawaiian Eyeful The Paris The Yogster Couple Swings Hawaiian Eyeful Fantasy U Richie Rich Pleasure Emporium in H Flash Video! House Call! Adult Theater Couples Flash Report! The Bayou Boudreaux Hits Bil