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Adultfanfiction big hero 6, Filipina big seeking Adultfanfiction especially hero sex

Hiro had no idea what to expect as he slipped into the Ito Ishioka Robotics building in his Big Hero 6 suit. Could it be Momakase again? But who else could it be?

Adultfanfiction Big Hero 6

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The young prodigy then popped a breath mint into his mouth before racing down the stairs into the living room. Aunt Cass smiled as she saw Hiro in a black jacket on top of an indigo button up shirt, with white shoes in contrast to his black pants. Hiro stood in front of the door and stood proudly as Cass snapped a photo of him. Almost immediately after she took the photo, Hiro heard a knock on the door.

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Hiro was working in his tech garage on a de for a new combat outfit for Gogo. The screen showed a black skin tight suit with red accents similar to her old de but a bit more risque.

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Namely looking extremely tight in the chest and bottom. Gogo went over and started changing. HIro noticed that there was a tiny gap in the sliding door. The thin paper of the door didn't help hide much from view either as he could clearly make out her curves. Being a teen hormones were already running amuck inside him so he couldn't help but try to sneak a peek.

Being as quiet as he could he walked up to the the edge of the wall and peeked through. Instant satisfaction. Gogo had her back turned and was bending down taking off her leggings effectively mooning him. Hiro went red in the face as she started to pull down her panties.

Gogo continued to undress, Hiro noted how good she looked naked. He didn't really notice it before but Gogo has a very nice body. She wasn't your standard hourglass shape it was more like a pear.

Thick thighs and waist while slimming down at the torso. Gogo turned slightly to pick out the outfit giving hiro a side view of her boobs. Hiro was completely red in the face at this point. Gogo quickly turned around to see Hiro peeking through the opening in the shoji. Gogo immediately chased after him wearing only her leggings. Luckily it was a sunday so there were no patrons in the cafe to hear the ruckus and Aunt Cass was away shopping.

Hiro desperately tried to escape her but she caught him with her superior speed just before he reached the front door. Tackling him to the ground she straddled his waist and pinned down his arms so he couldn't move. I was.

Gogo shot daggers at him and pulled back her fist. If it makes anything better you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen! Gogo had never really had anyone complement her on her beauty. She then big that something hard was pressing against her inner thigh.

It dawned on her that she was straddling Hiro with Adultfanfiction leggings on and basically putting her tits in his face. Hiro nodded. To her surprise Hiro grabbed her face and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Though she quickly started to kiss back. The act quickly got more passionate as Gogo started to fight Hiro for dominance. Her core clenched at the thought of Hiro taking her right there and making her his woman. Gogo pulled away out of breath. Hiro got the message and took off the rest of his clothes. She admired his body. He wasn't very muscular but due to his time as a superhero he did have a lean appearance.

Like a skinny muscular. Your not so bad yourself. Gogo moaned at the sudden touch. But he was very much proven wrong when she went down and unzipped his shorts and pulled down his boxers with one swift motion. Within seconds Gogo was roughly stroking him with her right hand and cupping his balls with her left. Hiro gasped at the sensation.

Sure he had whacked off on his own before but this was the first time anyone else had done it for him. Gogo continued her assault on his nuts with a lick up his shaft, swirling her tongue around the hero of his cock before taking his entire member into her hot mouth.

Hiro gasped and grabbed the back of her head, running his fingers through her hair and slowly pushing down. He got into a rhythm of bucking his hips up and slamming her head down on his cock at the same time, meanwhile Gogo just sucked harder. He knew that at this pace he wouldn't last much longer, in fact he felt like he would blow any second now. His thrusts became shorter and more sporadic as he neared his edge.

Gogo felt his cock twitch against her tongue as he filled her mouth with his seed. She tried her best to keep it all in and swallow as much as she could. His orgasm felt like it lasted forever, though in reality it was only a minute or two. Any bitch that says she doesn't is a fucking liar. Even honey lemon has quite the collection.

Clean shaven and dripping with her excitement. She straddled his waist once again rubbing her wetness on his cock before sliding down meeting his hips. Hiro happily obliged and grabbed her waist rocking her back and forth on his pole.

Gogo wanting to be in control took his hands and pushed them up past his head and started to bounce her ass on his cock rapidly, riding herself to orgasm. She threw her big back as she came, her cunt gripping him like a vice as he thrusted into her.

Slumping down onto his chest she went limp barely able to keep her eyes open. Now on top for a change he hammered hard into her cunt. The sound of their flesh meeting filled the empty cafe. He took her left leg and held it up by her head trying to get deeper into her tunnel. His cock started to twitch again as he felt his second orgasm building up.

Even in this state his conscience spoke up in the back of his mind. The sight alone was enough to drive him over the edge as he pulled out of her cunt and sprayed her in the face with several thick ropes of hot cum. Admiring his handiwork Hiro got up and Adultfanfiction to put hero on his shorts.

Gogo arose soon after, wiping the sperm from her face. That was really fun. Umm can we ahh… do this again sometime? You fucked me so good I blacked out. Of fucking course were doing this every day. Gogo blushed profusely and tried to cover her tits. Hiro tried to follow her only to be stopped by aunt Cass grabbing his arm.

Wait you're not mad about the whole me and Gogo thing?

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Disclaimer: I do not own Big Hero 6 or any of its characters. I am not making any form of profit from writing this. Chapter List 1-Hot Cafe 1. Gogo arrived at the cafe a few minutes later to check out her new costume.