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Abdl enema stories, I am dating male Abdl enema story

So metimes the only way out of a lie is to not get out of it at all. And though, we may be strongly against the treatment we receive, the fact remains: There are consequences for our actions and our words.

Abdl Enema Stories

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Zachary's Bum Bum. Original Author wrote most of what is now Chapter 1 and can be reached here jscobchiappone yahoo.

Name: Editha
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What is my ethnicity: Ethiopian
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Peggy glanced at her watch as she pulled the car into the shopping center parking lot where they had agreed to meet. They had been looking forward to this time alone for several months. A full two and a half days and nights together awaited them.

Enema diaper stories

Peggy and Dennis were alone, finally, alone to indulge their fantasy, satisfy their mutual lust and most of all, express their undying love. Her grin was spontaneous, he always seemed to have this effect on her, and she really could not even look at him without a smile breaking out on her lovely face.

She wondered briefly if had something to do with hormones.

The smile was the outward evidence, but inside a rush of hot desire accompanied it. The car glided smoothly to the spot he indicated. She gathered her things and her overnight bag, and then locked the car. Dennis couldn't help feeling a, little, sexual twinge as Peggy exposed a flash of smooth, bare thigh while climbing into his truck.

His hand touched hers as he leaned over for a sweet, hello kiss. He always marveled at the sparkle in her deep brown eyes, when she looked at him.

Her look left little doubt that she was completely in love with him and that knowledge swelled his own heart with love and pride. We will be at my place in just a few minutes," he said," Our rules of dominance and submission go into effect now. Do you remember your safe word? She nodded her head. And subconsciously placed her hands, palm up, on her thighs. Her entire demeanor began to soften as she allowed her submissive nature to come to the surface. His natural dominance emerged when he said, " Until Sunday evening or until I say otherwise, you aremy child, and I am your Daddy.

We are going to have a wonderful time together, baby girl. She was here now, there was no turning back, she wanted this, desperately, but this desire frightened her too.

Short stories – suppository – enema – abdl

Peggy reveled in her sexually submissive nature, but she feared that it would swallow her completely sometimes, the feelings could be overwhelming. In real life she was nothing like this. Peggy was a business woman, used to putting together six-figure deals, confident in her professional abilities, respected by her peers, mature and sophisticated, but she had been so unsatisfied, until she met Dennis.

He introduced a world entirely unknown to Peggy. A world of sexual expression so intense that she could scarcely believe the effect it had on her.

Kinky diaper enema story

Their relationship varied from simply making wild passionate love to elaborate role-play where she would become a slave girl, a schoolgirl, or a baby. One thread was common throughout their relationship. Dennis was naturally dominant, not cruel, but always in control. Through his tutelage Peggy had explored her natural subbiness and she had learned that it was an important, but long suppressed part of her personality.

She had learned; that despite many years of societal conditioning, she was a natural submissive. She was still coming to grips with that knowledge.

He led her to the sofa, where he sat and pulled her gently onto his lap. Their mouths pressed together in a passionate exploratory kiss. His hands wrapped around her small frame, his tongue exploring her mouth and lips. Peggy melted into Abdl arms as she gave herself over to the pleasure he would bring. They remained entwined together for a enema time, kissing, holding and caressing one- another. Their mutual passion rising higher as his hand slid slowly up her bare thigh under her light summer skirt. There was a sharp intake of her story as he touched the wetness at the crotch of her cotton panties.

He wanted to simply rip away her clothes and fuck her on the spot but Dennis knew that it would be so much better if he waited. He allowed himself one more squeeze of her beautiful little body, his kisses becoming lighter, less passionate; there was plenty of time. They disengaged and he poured them both drinks. The Jack Daniels felt good as it slid down her throat.

What happens to grumpy little girls

The air conditioner hummed outside, she could hear birds singing and a dog barking. She settled again into his arms. It would be a lovely weekend. Peggy closed her eyes and felt the warm water stream through her long dark hair. She was in the bathtub; he was kneeling at its side.

Diapers and enemas

His right arm was holding her weight above the warm fragrant water; his left hand was gently caressing her face as he rinsed the shampoo from her hair. He had bathed her twice before but it had been a long time ago. She could clearly remember their very first night together when he came to her hotel room and bathed her. She had forgotten how sensuous and relaxing the experience was. Now, here she was again, being washed by her loving Daddy.

He had begun by letting her soak in the warm bubble bath for several minutes. When he produced the razor she told him that she had shaved her legs that morning in preparation for their meeting but the gleam in his eye made it clear that this shave would be higher than her legs. In no time at all her pubic hair was gone. Her vulva gleamed like that of a three year old.

“i can not go to school today…” (part two of two): lies catch up with you … in the enema

She liked this feeling. It increased her submissiveness as well as her sensitivity. The whole idea of being completely bare was extremely sexy to Peggy. As he finished the shave he reminded her of the rule of silence they had agreed upon. Peggy was not permitted to speak as an adult, during the entire weekend, unless she was asked a direct question or he specifically suspended the rule for a period of time.

She was permitted the unrestricted use of a few dozen words such as: Daddy, baby, potty, hungry, sleepy, etc and a few phrases she had a tendency to utter in the throes of passion. She was specifically prohibited from using adult sentence structure.

She felt an immediate wave of panic as she realized her violation. She knew that she would be spanked later for the transgression, and she promised herself that she would not speak again without permission. The bath continued with a soft washcloth lathered with liquid baby soap.

Her desire swelled again as he caressed her intimately between the legs, around her breasts and especially when he wormed a soapy finger deep into her rectum. Dennis was very thorough and she felt about as clean as a girl could, in addition to being highly aroused. He washed her hair with Johnson's baby shampoo.

This was a new experience. Peggy gave herself over to the relaxing effect of the scalp massage while the rest of her body simmered with unfulfilled sexual desire.

Her punishment

It was a weird combination to be totally relaxed and yet extremely turned-on at the same time. Now he was holding her under the warm spray of water from the hand held showerhead while he rinsed the last of the soap from her hair.

He helped her from the bath and Abdl stood on weak legs as he toweled her body dry with a fluffy story sheet. When she was thoroughly dry he wrapped the towel around her and tucked it in place. He had her sit on the closed toilet while he brushed and blow-dried her hair. He tried his best to comb it into two pigtails, and he produced a pair of childish elastic bands with pink flowers on them to hold her hair in place, admittedly Peggy had to give him a little help in this area, but as soon as her enema was done he was back in charge.

Peggy was panting.

Enema diaper stories

Dennis had managed to keep her mildly stimulated throughout the bath but that was nothing compared to what she was feeling now. After the bath he led her into the bedroom and had her lay face down on the bed. The bed was covered with what appeared to be an oversize baby-changing pad. Dennis was thinking to himself that if he could find a way to live with this wonderful girl he would buy a massage table and decorate it to look like a big baby changing table, of course he would need an O.

His strong hands had been massaging her back, arms and legs for the past 15 minutes. He had applied a liberal amount of Johnson's baby oil to her body and then sprinkled the area with sweet smelling powder. Peggy gave herself over to the pampering and was in a deeply relaxed, semi conscious trance.