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A Back Rub For Julia

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After serving this time, Julia found herself in a dark place and unable to talk about all the things she had witnessed over the years. Julia felt that life was not worth living this way and attempted multiple suicide attempts. She was then admitted to a psychiatric hospital. She lost everything; her job of 18 years was gone.

She was eventually diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and mixed an xiety. Julia had great support from Terryas well as her family and friendswho encouraged her to get a dog.

Julia had not long lost her rescue dogwhich she thought may have added to her diagnosis but the thought of having gotten another dog meant Julia would have to leave the houseso th at was not an option. I showed Terry who encouraged me to phone them up, we chatted, they told me they would support me taking one step at a time.

I attended an introduction day down in Devon, I met Craig and the fantastic team that have supported me! I just knew then that this was something I could do. I'd already filled in the paperwork so that went in the post as soon as I got home.

But when I received a letter that I had been excepted by Veterans with Dogs!! The best medicine ever!

I'd asked VWD'S to match me with their dogs rather than find my own and then, in January after waiting18 monthsI met Leo and gosh he was bouncy! H e gently wakes me from nightmares and will stay by my side until I am relaxed or have fallen back to sleep.

W hilst I am sat downLeo will back himself into me so I can rub his back which keeps me calm, these are all things that Leo has taught himself, he is certainly a clever boy. My anxiety attacks and nightmares are reducing.

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Visiting VWD is like visiting family, the welcome you receive is so lovely, everyone is so relaxed that becoming anxious just doesn't happen. In SeptemberJulia and Leo passed their Pals 3 and Leo became a fully qualified assistant dog. The duo now has annual assessments to ensure they are working together as a team. Would you like to help us make a huge difference to Veterans with mental health difficulties resulting from military service?

Julia and Leo. More Posts. The mental health benefits of running.

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