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24 7 male slave, I would slave look up lady who loves be male

I am a male submissive in a FLR, I am my Mistress's servant, submissive, slave, and whatever else She would like to deate me as. We are not married, but I am collared and owned by her. Feel free to ask me anything outside of our name's and location.

24 7 Male Slave

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These SM participants, who attempt to live full-time in owner-slave roles, represent a small proportion of those with SM interests. SM slaves have not been studied systematically to determine if and how they differ from other SM practitioners. An online questionnaire was used to obtain responses from individuals who self-identified as slaves. We explored the depth of their relationships, how well they approximated "slavery," and how their relationships were structured to maintain distinct roles. Data showed that in long-term SM slave relationships, a power differential exists which extends beyond time-limited SM or sexual interactions. Owners and slaves often use common, daily life experiences or situations, such as the completion of household chores, money management, and morning or evening routines, to distinguish and maintain their respective roles.

Name: Rozalin
What is my age: 22
What is my nationaly: I was born in Russia
What is my sex: Girl
Body type: I'm slim
I prefer to listen: I prefer to listen rock

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This is a complex type relationship in which the fantasy is really cool but the reality it is much harder to achieve.

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I have determined what I think is a way to make such a relationship work and thrive. I am going to break this down into several parts making it's easier to organize.

Keep in mind that this should be somewhat flexible because life is unpredictable, to rigid of a structure can lead to somethings not being possible or a situation that your slave can't resolve. So keep it flexible and be willing to adjust to your changing circumstance. Type of rules:.

There should be a set of rules that apply to you home life, one for public, and one for when your slave is on her own, weather she is working a job or spending time away, and a set for special circumstances where braking the rules means protecting something or preventing something, common sense should play a part here. Remember that a slave is a person and needs to have time to be herself and express her desires, you cannot keep her confined and isolated from life with out causing her great psychological harm, and in the end she can become broken mentally.

Like a pet she must be exercised and stimulated not just sexually but mentally, emotionally, and physically. A slave needs to have things to do and take part in, a healthy slave will be a happy slave, and her submission will be all the more sweeter.

Submissive day collar - bdsm male owned symbol - 24/7 wear

Many slaves and subs crave the structure, discipline, and consequences that the lifestyle brings. For a slave knowing that she doesn't have to guess what you want, or try being a mind reader, she knows exactly what she is required to do and what will happen if she fails. This gives her the ability to just relax and focus. In normal vanilla relationships we spend the time to get to know someone and try and figure out how to please them, we try to read their body language and mood.

For a slave, though she will do this, it's natural for a female to read body language and give off strong body language. Communication is key to her health, she needs to be allowed to voice her feeling and thoughts, a journal could be used for this there should be a free talk time, maybe daily or once a week, this should be a time where she is allowed to speak her mind and not be afraid of the consequences. This is after all a relationship there are 2 people involved here so it is important that both have a say and input into their relationship.

Is it possible to live as a slave 24/7?

Sometimes you may have to draw out what she is feeling and make it a point to discover the root of her feelings. This is also a time which the Master must not hold what she expresses against her; it is all about trust, truth, and communication. Without these elements the relationship will collapse and both parties will be hurt, maybe even become damaged emotionally or mentally.

Sometimes the simple things are the best. In Register.

Online now. Ways of handling the the day to day of normal life. Rules, and a plan for your training, building a guide for what you want your slave to become, contracts, limits, and expectations. The idea is to create an evolving frame work that can adapt to the changes in life and still keep the relationship strong, and healthy.

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